Our Classmates

Douglas Howe

Our dear classmate Douglas Howe, who was in our class during fourth grade at Mapleshade School, passed away on Saturday, Mar. 20, 2004. His last known residence was Swanzey, NH.
At this time, we have no additional details on Douglas' life or passing. Please contact us if you have a photo of him or any information we may add to his tribute.
Here is the class roster for Mrs. Ogilvie's fourth grade class at Mapleshade School:
Paul Battige, Donna Bitzer, Peter Blyth, Laura Bradley, Jeffrey Burton, Marlene Cabana, Alicia Coles, Lawrence Cooper, Denise Descheneaux, Ralph Donohue, David Farioli, Dolores Finch, Donna Gaudenzi, Julia Gorman, Marilyn Gour, Douglas Howe, Eileen Jordan, Lynne Kinney, Cynthia McIntosh, August Maserati, Kathleen McCarthy, Susan McGill, Gregory Naylor, Priscilla Perusse, Cynthia Richards, Maria Siano, Mark Simone, Nancy Steitz, Paul Stilphen, Felix Tranghese.
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