Birchland Park Elementary

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Birchland Park Elementary and Birchland Park Junior High Schools shared the same building on Hanward Hill. The school opened in September 1951. Some of us attended sixth grade there and our entire class attended seventh and eighth grades there. 
Birchland Park Elementary and Junior High School in 1952.
Birchland Park Elementary and Junior High School during our time.
Birchland Park Elementary and Junior High School from Hanward Hill in 1966.
Personnel Who Served Us
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 Mr. Stuart E. Crapser, Principal* 1986
Mr. Angelo J. Correale, Jr., Assistant Principal* * 2014
Mr. Douglas P. Habel, Assistant Principal* * 2001
School Physician and Nurses
 Dr. John J. Quinn, M.D.* 2004 
Mrs. Nathalie L. Fiske, R.N.* 2016
Sixth grade Teachers
 Mrs. Cora B. Connelly* 1986
Mr. Richard Francis* 2015
Mr. John C. Kaynor* 1991; replaced in Jan. 1964 by Mrs. Phyllis A. Walsh, Wilbraham MA
Mr. Frederick R. Lafayette* 2023
Mrs. Helen C. Macaulay* 1975
Mrs. Mary G. Russell* 2004
Sixth Grade Class Rosters 

Mrs. Connelly

Donna Anderson, James Aubin, Lynn Belliveau, Larry Bradley, Andrea Burger, Nancy Burritt, Bruce Cohen, Bradford Cook, Kristine D'Angelo, Micael DiMonaco, David Farioli, Linda Farrell, Steven Gagner, Stephen Geoffrion, Kenneth Hall, Patricia Hendrick, William Kenyon, Carl Larson, Elizabeth Lasek, Allison Lipp, Richard Maurer, Marilyn Medbury, Gregory Naylor, Enrico Oliveri, Priscilla Perusse, Joanne Rinaldi, Christine Stewart, Susan Sullivan, Jonathan Tooher, Donald Turnberg.
Mrs. Connelly, left, and third grade Mapleshade School teacher Mrs. Adella Olin in 1983. Photo courtesy of The Reminder.

Article in Springield Union newspaper, Apr. 14, 1964. 

Mr. Francis


Mr. Francis in 1958 (college graduation photo) and later in life.

Susan Abel, Linda Bates, Donna Bitzer, Kendra Bowker, Robert Bradley, Nancy Bryson, Carolyn Buck, David Carpenter, Cathy Chapman, Harry Coles, William Creighton, Beverly Dion, Carol DuBois, John Evans, Dean Florian, Nancy Holland, Pamela Johnson, Katherine LaBerge, Paul Lieberwirth, Bruce Lindwall, Candice Marino, David McCallum, Susan McGill, Douglas Milroy, Jean Montana, Scott Moore, Thomas Murray, Dennis Plante, Robert A. Price, Jane Viveiros, Malcolm White, Susan White.

 Mr. Francis and Laura Moore, ELHS 1974, at Dunkin' Donuts on Maple St. in East Longmeadow on Nov 12, 2010. Mr. Francis told Laura he still teaches school as a substitute four days a week in Enfield, CT! Photo courtesy of Laura Moore.


Scott Moore's 6th grade report card envelope (Mr. Francis' class), signed by several classmates. Among the signatures: Susan Abel, Robert Bradley, Dave McCallum, Carol Dubois (spelled "Dubious" for fun), Dennis Plante, Susan White, Granny Creighton (Bill), Jackie Evans, Linda Bates, Scott B. Coles, Robert Bradley, Jane Viveiros, Tom P. Murray, Paul Lieberwirth, Beverly Dion, and Dave McCallum. Three other signatures, Northern Dancer, The Big One, and Y. A. Tittle are unknown students at this point.

Mr. Kaynor/Mrs. Walsh

Mr. Kaynor in 1941 as a member of the Yale University track team.

Robert Bartlett, Patricia Berard, Leslie Bergeron, Debra Butler, Marlene Cabana, Todd Cormier, Beth Davidson, Frederick Doersam, Andrew Farquharson, Nancy Galvin, Dale Goddard, Eddie Goguen, Garnett Hall, Theodore Harper, Susan Jasinski, Mary Lynch, Thomas McCabe, Thomas Mineo, David Owen, Jane Passburg, Pamela Pelkey, Carl Porcelli, Kathleen Price, Susan Saacke, Jeanne Symmes, Felix Tranghese, David Turnberg, Gail Vagts, John Vigliano, Edward Warren.

Mr. Lafayette

Sandra Andrews, Janet Betterley, Richard Bjorklund, Nancy Blaisdell, Debra Campanella, Marsha Coons, Julia Devine, Noreen Dubour, Bruce Duncan, Richard Garrett, Constance Garvey, Marilyn Gour, John Keane, Douglas Keith, Dennis Kronenberg, Richard Malmstrom, Marilyn Man, Stephen Mascaro, Bruce Moore, Pamela Murphy, Kathryn Pedersen, John Quinn, David Radebaugh, Linda Redin, David Sand, Wayne Scully, Sharon Soares, Ann Tesoro, Nancy Vallett, Phyllis Vogel, Anthony Zampiceni.

Mr. Lafayette, left, and Mr. Angelo Correale, Birchland Park assistant principal during our time, on the occasion of Mr. Lafayette's retirement on Jun. 27, 1989. Following his teaching career, Mr. Lafayette served as a principal at Pleasant View, Mapleshade, and Mountain View Schools. 

Mrs. Macaulay

James Bourque, Arlene Breau, Jeffrey Burton, Alicia Coles, Ralph Donohue, Barbara Ducharme, Lois Dusenberry, Brian Falk, James Gilmartin, Douglas Goodrich, John Haetinger, Mary Holotka, Eileen Jordan, Diane LaFave, Linda Laliberte, Victor Linden, August Maserati, Janet McCarthy, Franklin Miorandi, Ralph Nooney, Nola Olmsted, Susan Petronino, Albert Raimondi, Michele Roy, Maria Siano, Mark Simone, Dorothy Stellato, John Stolecki, JoAnna Sturtevant, Clark Swanson, Kurt Whitney, Ellen Zimmerman.

Mrs. Macaulay in her earlier years. 

Article in Springfield Union newspaper, Feb. 18, 1964.

Mrs. Russell


Mrs. Russell in 1933 (college graduation photo) and later in life.

John Beery, Koby Borodkin, Janice Breen, Stephanie Chmielewski, Susan Circosta, Lawrence Cooper, Debra David, Denise Descheneaux, John Dlugos, Patricia Donovan, Richard Grimaldi, Andrea Hastings, Lynne Kinney, Timothy Lynch, James Manferdini, Patrica May, Alan Morris, Linda Mottle, Stephen Newell, Debra Peterson, Robert M. Price, Susan Regnier, Cynthia Richards, William Scheumann, Kenneth Sheret, Debra Simons, William Soares, Nancy Steitz, Stephen St. Marie, Stephen Viger, Melinda Wheeler.

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