52nd Class Reunion

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Our 52nd class reunion was held from Oct. 7-9, 2022. The coronavirus pandemic forced us to postpone our 50th class reunion twice. Since it was two years late, we called it our 52nd class reunion.
The reunion began with an informal social at the Pizza Shoppe on Shaker Rd. from 4-6 p.m. on Friday afternoon.
On Saturday morning, from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. we had a tour of the high school led by the ELHS Class of 2023 president, John Fitzpatrick, the nephew of classmate Andrea Hastings Driscoll.
On Saturday evening, from 6-11 p.m. we held a banquet at Twin Hills Country Club, Longmeadow. 
On Sunday morning, we concluded with a farewell breakfast at Panera Bread bakery-cafe on N. Main St. from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Photos by Donna Anderson, Sue McGill Lombard, and John Driscoll of Driscoll Photography, East Longmeadow.
Friday afternoon informal social at the Pizza Shoppe
Seated: Marilyn Man Streeter, Leslie Bergeron Albano, Garnett Hall Tierney, Nancy Smith Savaria (ELHS 1971). Standing: Scott Moore, Peter Ouellette (back to camera), Steve St. Marie, Brian Falk, Nancy Lavertue Hurst. 
Left to right: Kris D'Angelo David, Karen Esposito (back to camera), Marilyn Man Streeter, Leslie Bergeron Albano, Peter Ouellette, Steve St. Marie, Barbara St. Marie, Bruce Moore, Brian Falk.
Left to right: Dorothy Stellato Perella, Scott Moore (back to camera), Leslie Bergeron Albano, Debbie David Gagner, Karen Esposito.
Marilyn Medbury Sames, Kris D'Angelo David, and Debbie David Gagner.
Saturday morning tour of ELHS
Sitting in the stands on the athletic field following the tour of ELHS. Front row: Tour conductor ELHS Class of 2023 president John Fitzpatrick, Sue McGill Lombard, Lynne Kinney Miner, Kris D'Angelo David, Marilyn Medbury Sames, Linda Bates Thorn. Row 2: Mark Simone, Steve St. Marie, Karen Esposito. Row 3: Gina Truitt McKinney, Donna Anderson, Scott Moore, Andrea Hastings Driscoll. Row 4: Bob Ireland, Doug Goodrich, Bruce Moore.
The courtyard between the auditorium and gymnasium, with the gym in the background.
The cafeteria.
The auditorium.
The gymnasium with Mark Simone in the lower right.
The pool.
Steve St. Marie holds a pair of drumsticks in the bandroom as Karen Esposito looks on. In the background are Gina Truitt McKinney and Sue McGill Lombard.
Bob Ireland serves as the official as Ginger Simone, Scott Moore, Bruce Moore, and Steve St. Marie prepare to run the 100 yard dash. The track is an expensive rubberized surface and the field is made of synthetic turf versus natural grass during our time. Football, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey are played on the field.
Steve, who was on the track team during his freshman and sophomore year, won the race handily, with Scott in second.
Saturday evening banquet at Twin Hills Country Club
Front row: Andy Malloy, Sue Sullivan MacQueston, Dale Goddard, Lynne Kinney Miner, Nancy Blaisdell Kotowitz, Nancy Lavertue Hurst, Scott Moore. Row 2: Lois Melbourne Webber, Marilyn Man Streeter, Susan Circosta Mancinone, Linda Bates Thorn, Sue McGill Lombard, Leslie Bergeron Albano, Marilyn Medbury Sames, Garnett Hall Tierney, Jeannie Donovan. Row 3: Jeff Burton, Nancy Wrinkle, Adele Archie Burton, Gina Truitt McKinney, Sue Abel Fitts, Kris D’Angelo David, Karen Esposito, Andrea Hastings Driscoll, Peg Izzo Donahue, Pam Stenard Ossorio, Donna Anderson, Brian Falk. Row 4: Roy Esposito, Bruce Moore, Ross Overlock, Bill Creighton, Bob Ireland, Steve St. Marie, Dave Carpenter, Peter Ouellette, Doug Goodrich. Photo by John Driscoll, Driscoll Photography, East Longmeadow. If you'd like a high-resolution copy of this photo, please email Scott Moore at scottcameronmoore@hotmail.com.
Left: Dan and Nancy Blaisdell Kotowitz. Right: Our class king and queen, Jeff and Adele Archie Burton, now celebrating their 52nd year of marriage.
Left: Nancy Wrinkle and Rick Villamaino. Right: Peter and Beth Ouellette.
Left: Steve and Barbara St. Marie. Right: Bill and Dale Creighton.
Gina Truitt McKinney with Jeff and Adele Archie Burton. In the right foreground is a beautiful centerpiece made by Gina.
Lynne Kinney Miner and Marilyn Medbury Sames.
Dave Carpenter and Peg Izzo Donahue. Nancy Lavertue is in the background.
Steve St. Marie and Sue McGill Lombard. Susan Circosta Mancinone is in the background.
Nancy Blaisdell Kotowitz, Marilyn Gour Kelly, and Linda Bates Thorn. In the left background are Dale Goddard (not facing camera) and Pamela Stenard Ossorio.
Barbara St. Marie, Deb Gastler (Andy Malloy's wife), Bob Ireland, and Steve St. Marie.
Left: Marilyn Man Streeter and Leslie Bergeron Albano. Right: Sue Abel Fitts.

Dale Goddard and Donna Anderson. In the background are Kris D'Angelo David, with coffee cup, and Jeannie Donovan.
Nancy Lavertue Hurst, Garnett Hall Tierney, and Doug Goodrich.
Left: Bill and Dale Creighton. Paul McNamara is in the background. Right: Brian Falk and Jeannie Donovan.
Sue Abel Fitts and Dale Goddard.
Sunday morning farewell breakfast at Panera Bread bakery-cafe
Seated: Scott Moore, Barbara St. Marie, Brian Falk, Mrs. Jean Finnegan (Birchland Park Jr. High School math teacher), Steve St. Marie. Standing: Debbie David Gagner, Andrea Hastings Driscoll, Gina Truitt McKinney, Dorothy Stellato Perella, Donna Anderson, Bob Ireland, Jeannie Donovan, Lynne Kinney Miner.