45th Class Reunion

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Our 45th class reunion was held from Oct. 9-11, 2015. It began with a tour of the high school on Friday afternoon and continued in the evening with a reception at the Holiday Inn in Enfield, CT.
On Saturday, we toured Pine Quarry in East Longmeadow, led by classmate Bruce Moore, who frequently leads tours there as a member of the E.L. Historical Commission. Lunch at the Center Square Grill followed, and then a visit to the E.L. Historical Museum, with Bruce Moore as our docent. That evening, we had a banquet at the hotel.
On Sunday morning, we concluded with a farewell breakfast at the hotel.
Group photo on Saturday night courtesy of Andrea Hastings Driscoll and her husband, John of Driscoll Photography. Candids courtesy of Andrea Hastings Driscoll, Karen Esposito, and Scott Moore.
Friday night reception, Holiday Inn, Enfield, CT
Jack Evans and Karen Esposito.
Scott Moore, Gina Truitt McKinney, and Jack Evans.
Channing Orr, Nancy Lavertue Hurst, Jack Evans, Brian Falk, and Linda Mottle Hopkins.
Nancy Lavertue Hurst, Doug Kenyon, Pat Berard Carroll, and Channing Orr.
Lynne Kinney Miner, Jack Evans, and Nancy Wrinkle Raducha.
Jeannie Donovan, Jack Evans, and Pat Ryan Normand.
Saturday morning tour of Pine Quarry on Chestnut St.
The beautiful town-owned Pine Quarry, active in the 1800s and now preserved by the East Longmeadow Conservation Commission.
Tour leader Bruce Moore shows off a cable used to anchor a derrick.
Bruce Moore, Channing Orr, John Normand, Pat Ryan Normand, Lynne Kinney, Nancy Lavertue Hurst, Gina Truitt McKinney, Scott Moore, Karen Esposito.
Saturday night banquet, Holiday Inn, Enfield, CT
On Saturday evening, Scott Moore introduced the reunion committee members, spoke briefly about our class website, and delivered a moving tribute to our late principal, Mr. Ralph Shindler. Please click here to view Mr. Shindler's tribute.
Front row: Andrea Hastings Driscoll, Gina Truitt McKinney, Karen Esposito, Donna Colapietro Beaumier, Debbie Peterson Walker, Nancy Lavertue Hurst, Linda Mottle Hopkins, Lynne Kinney Miner. Row 2: Jayne Anderson, Pat Olier, Nancy Wrinkle Raducha, Nancy Blaisdell Kotowitz, Pat Ryan Normand, Pat Berard Carroll, Dale Goddard, Channing Orr, Kathy Newton Sowa. Row 3: Scott Moore, Bruce Moore, Brian Falk, Jack Evans, Dave Carpenter, Roy Esposito, Donna "Dondi" Fiorentino.
Lynne Kinney Miner, Jack Evans, and Karen Esposito.
Dan Kotowitz (husband of Nancy Blaisdell Kotowitz) and Dave Carpenter.
Karen Esposito, Roy Esposito, and Gina Truitt McKinney.
Dale Goddard, Jayne Anderson, Scott Moore, and Linda Mottle Hopkins.
Jon and Pat Ryan Normand.
Donna Colapietro Beaumier, Pat Ryan Normand, Karen Esposito, Kathy Newton Sowa, and Pat Olier.
Brian Falk and Channing Orr.
Gina Truitt McKinney, Jayne Anderson, and Nancy Blaisdell Kotowitz.
Bruce Moore and John Driscoll (husband of Andrea Hastings Driscoll).
Andrea Hastings Driscoll, Lynne Kinney Miner, Brian Falk, and Debbie Peterson Walker.
Sunday morning farewell breakfast, Holiday Inn, Enfield, CT
Front row:  Birchland Park Junior High School math teacher Mrs. Jean Finnegan, Debbie Peterson Walker, Brian Falk's granddaughter, Gina Truitt McKinney. Row 2: Linda Mottle Hopkins, Brian Falk, Channing Orr, Scott Moore.