40th Class Reunion

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Our 40th class reunion was held from Oct. 8-10, 2010. It began with a reception on Friday evening, Oct. 8 at the Holiday Inn, Enfield, CT. On Saturday evening, Oct. 9, we had a banquet at the Holiday Inn with about 115 attendees. Sunday, Oct. 10, featured a brunch at the Norcross House on Maple St., East Longmeadow and a tour of East Longmeadow High School.  

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our reunion the wonderful event it was!

Photo credits

Group photo at Saturday night banquet courtesy of Andrea Hastings Driscoll and her husband, John, of Driscoll Photography.

Candids courtesy of Donna Anderson, Roy Esposito, Debbi Gray-Warren, Peg Izzo Donahue, Laura Moore, Dan Ossorio, Maria Siano Nicolazzo, Pam Stenard Ossorio, Marty Tierney, Gina Truitt, and Teresa Villamaino Lalli.  


Top: On the morning of Oct. 9, several classmates visited classmate Armand Gamache at the rest home where he resided, in Springfield, MA. Left to right: Marilyn Medbury Sames, Karen Esposito, Gina Truitt McKinney, Scott Moore, Armand, Donna Anderson, Nancy Lavertue, and Bruce Moore. Bottom: On Oct. 12, following the reunion, classmates Garnett Hall Tierney and Jack Evans visited Armand. 

Saturday night banquet, Holiday Inn, Enfield, CT

Following the social hour, we began gathering for the group photo. Front row: Nancy Birtwell, Teresa Villamaino Lalli, Nancy Cauley, and John Stolecki. Back row: Tony Zampiceni, Dave Farioli, Doug Goodrich, Lenny Beaulieu, and Ann Tesoro.

Preparations for the group photo continued as spouses and guests looked on.

Getting closer! Front row: Peter Ouellette, Rick Pesto, Liz Lasek, Marilyn Man Streeter, Pat Ryan Normand. Row 2: David Sand, Channing Orr, Steve Viger, Nancy Wrinkle Raducha, Kathy LaBerge Haberlin, Maria Siano Nicolazzo (partially hidden). Row 3: Susan Waterman Heinecke (partially hidden), Tom Ouellette, Jack Evans, Nancy Lavertue, Kurt Whitney, Bruce Lindwall, Brian Falk.

Just prior to the photo being snapped.

40th Class Reunion group photo. Names under close-ups below.

Seated on floor: Clark Swanson, Stephanie Chmielewski Francis, Frank Miorandi, Debbie David Gagner. Seated on chairs: Todd Cormier, Garnett Hall Tierney (in back), Mac White, Peter Ouellette, Rick Pesto, Liz Lasek. Standing in front: Rich Mondoux, Bill Creighton, Jeff Crary, Jeanne Bonin LeFevre, Rich Malmstrom, David Sand, Channing Orr, Steve Viger. Standing in back: Rick Willard, Susan Waterman Heinecke, Tom Ouellette, Jack Evans, Nancy Lavertue. 

Seated on floor: Pam Stenard Ossorio, Carl Larson, Sue McGill Lombard, Mike Rafferty, Donna Anderson, Dot Stellato Perella, Debbie Campanella Hansch, Al Raimondi, Karen Esposito, Adrienne Myers. Seated on chairs: Marilyn Man Streeter, Pat Ryan Normand, Priscilla Perusse Fickett, Marilyn Medbury Sames, Gina Truitt McKinney, Jane Passburg Johnson, Susan Circosta Mancinone. Standing in front: Nancy Wrinkle Raducha, Kathy LaBerge Haberlin, Maria Siano Nicolazzo, Kendra Bowker Bova, Debbie Sawyer Sockol, Debbi Gray-Warren, Nancy Steitz, Peg Izzo Donahue, Pat Olier, Donna Colapietro Beaumier. Standing in back: Kurt Whitney, Hank Dickinson, Bruce Lindwall, Brian Falk, Steve St. Marie, Bruce Moore, Roy Esposito, Frank Gibney, Dave Carpenter. 


Seated on floor: Lynne Kinney Miner, Debbie Peterson Walker, Lynn Vallett, John McGrady. Seated on chairs: Sue Sullivan MacQueston, Kris D'Angelo David, Linda Bates Thorn. Standing in front: Nancy Birtwell, Teresa Villamaino Lalli, Nancy Cauley, Debbie LaBorde Buehler, Donna Fiorentino, Nancy Blaisdell, John Stolecki, Scott Moore. Standing in back: Tony Zampiceni, Dave Farioli, Doug Goodrich, Lenny Beaulieu, Ann Tesoro, Christine Stewart.


Left: Nancy Blaisdell Kotowitz and her husband, Dan. Right: Rick and Cheryl Pesto. 


Left: John Stolecki and his wife, Kathryn Armstrong. Right: Jeanne Bonin LeFevre and her husband, John. 


Left: Stephanie Chmielewski Francis and her husband, Mark. Right: Nancy Birtwell and Fred VanDerbeck. 


Left: Rich Malmstrom and his wife, Carolyn Anderson. Right: Linda Bates Thorn and her husband, Robert.


Left: Bill and Dale Creighton. Right: Kurt and Cheryl Whitney.


Left: Hank and Kristine Dickinson. Right: Kathy LaBerge Haberlin and her husband, Thomas. 


Left: Frank Gibney and Diane Muhr. Right: Al and Cyndee Raimondi. 


Left: Rick and Lesley Willard. Right: Peter and Beth Ouellette.


Left: Mac and Kristine White. Right: Nancy Wrinkle Raducha and Rick Villamaino.


Left: Doug and Linda Goodrich. Right: Dave and Julie Farioli. 


Left: Nancy Lavertue Hurst and her spouse, Diane Lee. Right: Pam Stenard Ossorio and her husband, Dan.


Left: Dave and Judie Carpenter. Right: Debbie LaBorde Buehrer and her husband, Gary.


Left: Pat Ryan Normand and her husband, Jon. Right: Steve and Barbara St. Marie.


Left: Kendra Bowker Bova and her husband, Jim, and Gina Truitt McKinney. Right: Linda Harnish Lull (George Lull's wife), Pam Maybury Scholtz (President, ELHS Class of 1974), and Mrs. Nancy Bortle (Christine Bortle's mom).  

In front: Brian Falk. Standing: Pam Stenard Ossorio, Debbie Peterson Walker, Kendra Bowker Bova, Maria Siano Nicolazzo, Marilyn Man Streeter, and Priscilla Perusse Fickett.  


Left: Debbie David Gagner, Garnett Hall Tierney, Christine Stewart, and Adrienne Myers. Right: John Stolecki and Roy Esposito. 


Left: David Sand and Liz Lasek. Right: Hank Dickinson, Kristine Dickinson, and Nancy Blaisdell Kotowitz. 

Pat Olier, Donna Colapietro Beaumier, Marilyn Man Streeter, Susan Circosta Mancinone, and Teresa Villamaino Lalli. 


Left: Foreground: Diane Lee and Debbie David Gagner. Standing: Christine Stewart, Bruce Moore, Nancy Steitz, and Bill Creighton. Right: Foreground: Susan Waterman Heinecke and Hank Dickinson (partially hidden). Background: John Stolecki and Todd Cormier. 


Left: Nany Steitz and Lynne Kinney Miner. Right: Peter Ouellette, Steve St. Marie, and Frank Gibney. 

Teresa Villamaino Lalli, Adrienne Myers, Garnett Hall Tierney, and Nancy Lavertue. 


Left: Foreground: Kris D'Angelo David (back to camera), Clark Swanson, and Jane Passburg Johnson. Background: Frank Gibney and Diane Muhr. Right: Rick Willard, Roy Esposito, and Lesley Willard.  


Left: David Sand and Rick Pesto. Right: Bruce Moore, Mrs. Nancy Bortle (Christine Bortle's mom), and Scott Moore.

Doug Goodrich, Roy Esposito, Kris D'Angelo David, Gina Truitt McKinney, Tony Zampiceni, and Linda Goodrich.   


Left: Hank Dickinson and Nancy Lavertue Hurst. Right: Adrienne Myers and Garnett Hall Tierney.


Left: Pam Stenard Ossorio in front with Steve Viger (back to camera) and Linda Bates Thorn in back. Right: Mac White, Todd Cormier, and Kurt Whitney.   

Nancy Birtwell, Jeanne Bonin LeFevre, Gina Truitt McKinney, and Fred VanderBeck.  


Left: Pam Stenard Ossorio and Karen Esposito. Right: Susan Circosta Mancinone and Peg Izzo Donahue. 


Left: Bruce Moore and Adrienne Myers. Right: Lenny Beaulieu, Christine Stewart, Ann Tesoro, and Dennis Brasile (ELHS 1972).    

Frank Gibney, Rich Mondoux, Bruce Moore, and Diane Muhr. 


Left: Mac White and Steve Viger. Right: Sue Sullivan MacQueston and Donna Anderson.


Left: Jack Evans and Karen Esposito. Right: Bill Creighton and Rich Mondoux.    

Donna Colapietro Beaumier, Marilyn Man Streeter, Bruce Moore, Susan Circosta Mancinone, and Nancy Cauley.   


Left: Susan Waterman Heinecke, Kathy LaBerge Haberlin, and Sue McGill Lombard. Right: Rich Malmstrom and Kurt Whitney. 


Left: Debbi Gray-Warren and Debbie Campanella Hansch. Right: Dondi Fiorentino, Jeanne Bonin LeFevre, and Scott Moore.  

Peg Izzo Donahue, Pam Stenard Ossorio, and Dave and Judie Carpenter. 

Jack Evans, Laura Moore (ELHS 1974), and Roy Esposito.

 Diane Muhr, Frank Gibney, Nancy Wrinkle Raducha, and Steve St. Marie. 

Peg Izzo Donahue, Pam Stenard Ossorio, Karen Esposito, and Sue Sullivan MacQueston.

David Sand, Rick Pesto, Jack Evans, Kurt Whitney, and Al Raimondi.  

Sunday brunch at Norcross House and East Longmeadow Historical Headquarters, Maple St, East Longmeadow

Peg Izzo Donahue and Pam Stenard Ossorio cross Maple St. enroute to the brunch. Classmates gathered at the carriage house on the Norcross property, left, and the East Longmeadow Historical Headquarters, right.

Norcross House, left, its carriage house in the middle and East Longmeadow Historical Headquarters on the right. Red and gray "70" class balloons greeted us.

East Longmeadow Historical Headquarters. Bruce Moore served as our host for the day. He and Tony Zampiceni serve as vice-chairman and chairman, respectively, of the East Longmeadow Historical Commission. 


Left: Class website administrators Scott Moore and Gina Truitt McKinney. Right: Donna Anderson and Karen Esposito.

Susan Waterman Heinecke in foreground. Nancy Lavertue, Jean Finnegan (Birchland Park math teacher), Rich Malmstrom, Carolyn Anderson (Rich's wife), and Jeff Crary seated at the table. 


Left: Karen Esposito and Roy Esposito. Right: Lynne Kinney Miner and Gina Truitt McKinney. 


Left: Debbi Gray-Warren and her husband, Steve. Right: Donna Anderson, Dot Stellato Perella, Nancy Steitz, and Lynne Kinney Miner. 

Rich Malmstrom and his wife, Carolyn Anderson.  

Peg Izzo Donahue, Dan Ossorio, and Pam Stenard Ossorio.

Scott Moore, Karen Esposito, and Brian Falk.

Susan Circosta Mancinone, Roy Esposito, Kris D'Angelo David, and Nancy Wrinkle Raducha.


Left: Nancy Lavertue Hurst and Frank Gibney. Right: Jeff Crary. 


Left: Jeanne Bonin LeFevre and her husband, John. Kris D'Angelo David in background. Right: Peg Izzo Donahue and Debbi-Gray Warren.


Left: Debbie Peterson Walker. Middle: Kris D'Angelo David. Right: Paul McNamara.

Cheryl Whitney, Kurt Whitney, Paul McNamara, and Jack Evans.

Seated at table, clockwise from bottom: Garnett Hall Tierney (back to camera); Garnett's husband, Marty Tierney; Kris D'Angelo David; Pat Berard Carroll's husband, Bill Carroll; Pat Berard Carroll, Marilyn Man Streeter; Susan Circosta Mancinone.  


Left: Susan Circosta Mancinone, Nancy Wrinkle Raducha, Roy Esposito, and Kris D'Angelo David. Right foreground: Garnett Hall Tierney and Mrs. Jean Finnegan (Birchland Park math teacher). Right background: Diane Muhr (back to camera), Frank Gibney, and Nancy Bortle (Chris Bortle's mom).

Left to right: Robert Thorn, Debbi Gray-Warren,  Linda Bates Thorn, Jack Evans, Bruce Moore, Roy Esposito, Donna Anderson, Pam Stenard Ossorio, Marilyn Medbury Sames, and Peg Izzo Donahue, inside the East Longmeadow Historical Headquarters. 

Kneeling: Nancy Lavertue and Karen Esposito. Front row: Linda Bates Thorn, Julie Devine Davis, Debbie David Gagner, Lynne Kinney Miner, Gina Truitt McKinney, Dot Stellato Perella, and Nancy Steitz. Back row: Kurt Whitney, Scott Moore, Bruce Moore, Donna Anderson, Dave Farioli, Roy Esposito, and Brian Falk. 

Front row: Kris D'Angelo David, Mrs. Jean Finnegan (Birchland Park math teacher), Karen Esposito, Nancy Steitz, and Mr. Bob Mazzariello (Birchland Park and ELHS English teacher). Back row: Debbie Peterson Walker, Nancy Lavertue, Lynne Kinney Miner, Scott Moore, Donna Anderson, Jeanne Bonin LeFevre, Brian Falk, Kurt Whitney, Jeff Crary, and Dave Turnberg. 

Sunday tour of East Longmeadow High School

A nice greeting from our alma mater! 

The excitement builds as we approach the entrance.

We're here! To conserve energy, the windows, much larger during our school days, have been reduced in size. 

Freccero Way honors Mr. Richard Freccero, who retired at the end of the 2009/2010 school year after 23 years of service as ELHS principal.

The auditorium --- where we met for assemblies, band and choral concerts, plays, and Spartanum Spectaculum.

Our gymnasium --- where we met for phys ed classes, basketball games, and pep rallies.

"We are the Spartans, the mighty, mighty Spartans. Everywhere we go, people want to know."

The girls' locker room.

Our cafeteria with updated tables.

Dan Ossorio, Pam Stenard Ossorio's husband, admires the trophies outside the gymnasium entrance. 

Some things never change. These chairs in the administration office are the same ones that were there during our four years. A few of us sat in them!

Our guidance office.

Peg Izzo Donahue at the entrance to room 118 where her cousin, Darryn Izzo, teaches social studies!