Our Classmates

Donna Sumner

Our dear classmate Donna Sumner, who was in our class during fourth grade at Mapleshade School, passed away on Friday, Dec. 26, 2008. Her last known residence was in North Brunswick, NJ.
At this time, we have no additional details on Donna's life or passing. Please contact us if you have a photo of her or any information we may add to her tribute.
Here is the class roster from Mr. Egan's fourth grade class at Mapleshade School:
James Aubin, Patricia Berard, Andrea Burger, Debra Butler, Debra Campanella, Arthur Cook, Beth Davidson, Valerie Davis, Julia Devine, Barbara Ducharme, Bruce Duncan, CHristine Flore, Steven Gagner, James Gilmartin, Theodore Harper, Patricia Hendrick, Carl Larson, Marilyn Man, Richard Maurer, Stephen Newell, Susan Petronino, Joanne Rinaldi, William Scheumann, Sharon Soares, Donna Sumner, Gail Steen, John Stoleck, Jeanne Symmes, Regina Truitt.
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