Our Classmates

Diane Tower

Diane's kindergarten graduation photo, taken on the first floor of the Methodist Church. Front row: Dennis Plante, Jarl Weyant, Bruce Lindwall, Scott Moore, Gail Taylor, Carol DuBois, Judith Bliss, Malcom White, Leslie Bergeron. Row 2: Patricia Hendrick, Bruce Moore, Paul Stilphen, Brian Falk, Diane Tower, Deborah Hanson, Susan Wolcott, Christine Bortle. Row 3: Linda Bates, John McLane, Allan Phillips, Clark Swanson, Janet Betterley, Donna Anderson, Linda Mottle, Jeanne Symmes, William Kenyon, David Gallerani, Joan Stack, Stephen St. Marie. Not pictured: Peter Ouellette. Photo courtesy of Mary Darling Studio. 

Our dear classmate Diane Tower, who was in our class from kindergarten through second grade, passed away on June 25, 2010. Her last known residence was in Princess Anne, MD.
When we receive additional details from her relatives regarding her life and passing, we'll add them here.
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