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Ralph Nooney


This drawing of Ralph by Mark McCandlish (ELHS 1971) appeared in our senior yearbook along with the words, "Ralph Nooney, 1952-1967 ... fondly remembered by his classmates." 

Our dear classmate Ralph Nooney was in our class from kindergarten until he passed away on Nov. 15, 1967, early in his sophomore year.

During his freshman year, he was a member of the school band, playing percussion instruments. Outside of school, Ralph, Mitch Dante, and Roy Esposito had their own band in which Ralph played the drums.

Here are excerpts on his passing from the Springfield Union newspaper:

A 15-year-old East Longmeadow High School sophomore was dead on arrival Wednesday night, Nov. 15, 1967 at Wesson Memorial Hospital after he was hit by a car at 5:05 p.m. in Somers Road, East Longmeadow.

Police said Ralph Nooney Jr., 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nooney of 52 Somers Road, East Longmeadow, was walking across the road near St. Michaels Church when the accident occurred.

Nooney is the grandson of Sanford P. Nooney 0f 210 Hampden Road, East Longmeadow, former East Longmeadow registrar of voters, selectman and Lions Club Disctrict 33Y governor.

Besides his parents, the youth is survived by a brother, Mark and two sisters, Misses Debra and Brenda Nooney, all at home; paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Nooney of East Longmeadow; and maternal grandparents, Mrs. Mae L. Howes of this city and Raymond Howes, also of this city.

Ralph's kindergarten class photo, May 1958. The Community Co-operative Kindergarten met at the Congregational Church. Front row: unknown boy, David Sand, Lynne Kinney, Bruce Cohen?, Tom Ouellette, Jane Passburg, Ellen Bonneville, unknown boy, Thomas Murray. Row 2: Nancy Bryson, unknown boy, Susan Waterman, Andrea Burger, Andy Farquharson, Nancy Burritt, Susan White, Doug Milroy, Nancy Birtwell, Janet Gorrod?, Mrs. Margaret Tull. Row 3: John Haetinger, Nancy Blaisdell, Larry Cooper, unknown girl, Larry Bradley, Paula Seligman, unknown girl, Ralph Nooney, Alison Cox, unknown girl, Dale Goddard. Photo courtesy of Mary Darling Studio.  

Left to right, in the 1963 Fourth of July parade are Scott Moore, Mark Nooney (Ralph's brother, ELHS 1973), Ralph, and Bruce Moore, riding old-time bicycles owned by Ralph's father, Mr. Sanford Nooney. Photo courtesy of Mr. Robert Moore.

Left to right: Scott Moore, Ralph, Mark Nooney, and Bruce Moore. Photo courtesy of Mr. Robert Moore.

Ralph's father, Mr. Sanford Nooney, on his large bicycle. Photo courtesy of Mr. Robert Moore.

June, 1965 Panthers Little League baseball team. Mr. D'Amato (coach), Keith Whitney, Mark Hammond, Scott Davis, Vinnie Villamaino, John Moore, unknown (in back with glasses), Michael Donohue, Matty D'Amato, Kurt Whitney, unknown, Doug Hanna, unknown, Bruce Moore, Felix Tranghese, Ralph Nooney. Photo courtesy of Mr. Robert Moore.  

Homeroom photo in Ralph's freshman year. Front row: Lee Mazzaferro, Adrienne Myers, Eva Nichols, Jane Passburg, Pat Olier, Priscilla Perusse, Pam Murphy, Linda Mottle, Cindy Page, Kathy Newton, Nola Omsted, Miss Mary Kennedy (homeroom teacher). Row 2: Greg Naylor, Rich Mondoux, Bruce Ostrander, Ralph Nooney, Rick Oliveri, Channing Orr, Bruce Moore, Ross Overlook, Steve Newell. Row 3: Kim O'Brien, David Owen, Alan Morris, John Ouellette, Peter Ouellette. Not pictured: Scott Moore, Diane Pelletier.  

The band during Ralph's freshman year. Front row: Karen Martin, Ginger Martin, Judith Martin, Barbara Darby, Laura Powers, Pamela Nelson, Jeanne Symmes, Rosemary Dion, Rebecca Martin, Brenda Misitano. Row 2: John Corliss, Bob Bradley, Bruce Eldridge, Patricia Oswald, Valerie Jamison, Karlene Carlson, Bob Ireland, Kenneth D'Angelo, Jarl Weyant. Row 3: Dave Gee, Paul Krasnovsky, Charles Brooks, Douglas Best, Koby Borodkin, Andy Malloy, Rick Oliveri, Jim Douglas. Row 4: John Rosati, Earl Hanks, Bob Reis, Frank Miorandi, Gary O'Gorman, Steve Viger, Mike Doe, Kim O'Brien, Donald Burgess. Row 5: Fred Hebert, Chester Hobbs, Dennis Gee, Scott Moore, Mark Hadeler, Ralph Nooney, Bob Lundgren, Mr. Joseph Charron (band director). 

Homeroom photo in Ralph's sophomore year. Front row: Brenda Misitano, Nola Olmsted, Linda Mottle, Pam Murphy, Kathy Newton, Adrienne Myers, Pat Olier, Mrs. Ruth Hirshberg (homeroom teacher). Row 2: Bruce Moore, John Ouellette, David Owen, Rick Oliveri, Channing Orr. Row 3: Tom Ouellette, Ross Overlock, Steve Newell, Greg Naylor, Rich Mondoux. Row 4: Ralph Nooney, Frank Miorandi, John McGrady, Peter Ouellette, Scott Moore, Kim O'Brien. Not pictured: Bruce Ostrander.  


Ralph's headstone at the Baptist Village Cemetery, East Longmeadow. Photo courtesy of David McCaffrey.
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