Our Classmates

Linda Gray

Linda's senior candid photo.
Our dear classmate Linda Gray, sister of classmate Debbi Gray-Warren, passed away on Mar. 2, 2020, likely from the effects of pancreatic cancer, acoording to Debbi. Linda joined our class in sixth grade and was living in Bradenton, FL at the time of her passing. 
Homeroom photo in Linda's freshman year. Front row: Donna Fiorentino, Garnett Hall, Linda Gray, Mary Holotka, Nancy Galvin, Patricia Hendrick, Nancy Holland, Deborah Hanson, Ann Marie Hearn, Mr. S. Gordon Smith. Row 2: Vivian Haskell, Ellen Hopkins, Andrea Hastings, Dale Goddard, Steven Gagner, David Gallerani, Armand Gamache, Andrew Farquharson. Row 3: Richard Grimaldi, Douglas Goodrich, Eddie Goguen, Stephen Geoffrion, John Haetinger, David Farrell, Mark Hadeler, Frank Gibney. Not pictured: Deborah Gray, Kenneth Hall.
Homeroom photo in Linda's sophomore year. Front row: Linda Gray, Nancy Holland, Mary Holotka, Patricia Hendrick, Ann Marie Hearn, Mrs. Dorothy Allard. Row 2: Vivian Haskell, Deborah Gray, Donna Fiorentino, Deborah Hanson, Andrea Hastings, Andrew Farquharson. Row 3: Dale Goddard, Brian Falk, Stephen Geoffrion, Steven Gagner, John Haetinger, David Gallerani. Row 4: Richard Grimaldi, David Farioli, Mark Hadeler, Douglas Goodrich, David Farrell, Armand Gamache, Peter Garafalo.
Homeroom photo in Linda's junior year. Front row: Mr. Ronald Sarazin, Linda Gray, Vivian Haskell, Karen Esposito, Deborah Gray, Barbara Ducharme. Row 2: Thomas Gorman, Dale Goddard, Stephen Geoffrion, Steven Gagner, Lois Dusenberry, Deborah Hanson, Donna Fiorentino. Row 3: Armand Gamache, Douglas Goodrich, John Haetinger, Roy Esposito, John Evans, Bruce Duncan, Andrew Farquharson. Row 4: Brian Falk, Mark Hadeler, Richard Grimaldi, David Gallerani, David Farioli, Peter Garafalo. Not pictured: Donald Eddy, Ann Marie Hearn. 
Linda later in life, around 2010.
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