Steve Viger

Profile Updated: December 26, 2015
Steve Viger
Residing In: St Cyran du Jambot France
Spouse/Partner: Mary Eleanor (Ali)
Occupation: retired at 40
Children: none- I don't think anyway...
Yes! Attending Reunion

Went to the College of Charleston, Masters from the Citadel, 3 courses short of PhD from USC and became a CPA. Sold the practice at age 40, moved to France, still playing the organ. My wife is a concert pianist and does work in the US mainly. I spend my life taking care of this barn, the gardens, the pool and the books that need reading plus French Romantic organ music, a real passion on the organ built in 2012 here from used English/American/German/Dutch pipes. Being in the countryside of expensive France allows for many DVD's, books, quiet times and great eating, especially when you grow your own veg and fruit.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:41 AM
Our little village in 1913, pre-war. German hand-to-hand combat was seen in the field some 500' from us. This church building, built upon the 3rd century Roman church building was re-done after a 1600's fire in 1860 and then finished in 1891. Seats 175 with an electronic organ (given by us) and would be a small cathedral in the US- here just a country church. I work in the village. I take my job seriously, do it well and proudly. You see, I am the Village Idiot. Ruff work but somebody gotta do it. St Cyran du Jambot is located 3 hours south of Paris, below the Loire River, and did see Charlemagne pass through on his way to a McDonalds for lunch one day while Holy Grailing. Other than that, the only other significant thing here is me.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:41 AM
Who says I don't like to cook? This is whole salmon, stuffed with crab meat and fake fish surrounded with red cabbage cole slaw, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. Didn't see the end of the meal though, no left-em-overs, neither... Love the hat. French wine, cheese, bread are staples in our diet. In the countryside, we can get fresh poultry, whole lamb, veal calves, pigs if desired. I have learned more about cooking than could Julia Childs have taught me. Somehow, I weigh less than you remember me in high School. (Liver doesn't work as well tho..) Gardens abound and if you don't have it, well a neighbor usually will share if you share back. Fruit trees? I have 32 of them. Jams and jellies, every year.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:41 AM
1894 Stoltz II-15 which was redone in 2004 back to its original glory. Some 20 miles away and France being a non-religious country following the Revoultion of 1789, small, inactive congregation so no careers being made here. Fun to play, encourages me to work over French Romantic literature and be a better organist, what for I ask myself but you gotta do something and knitting is not for me (yet). I did concert work on this instrument but the audience was never where it should have been. Hence, I do concerts or recitals when asked, gratis, am here Sunday mornings (since 1999), funerals, weddings and the occasional demonstration. I must admit, playing French Romantic period music (1820-1920) on an original insturment, well maintained, cannot be matched. This organ has made me much more of an organist in a world that could do without us...oh well... I tried. About 900 pipes so lots of possibilites to make mistakes.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:41 AM
OK it is finally done. Yes, with blue rolling dolly below and bowling shoes (best for sliding on wooden pedals) this II-19 ancient/modern instrument is made of pipes over 100 years old and still have a few hundred years of life left. Dedication concert to be the end of July, '13 and you gotta bring your own chairs as it will be outside. Craziness, I know but it will outlast me by 50+ years. A new Jag wouldn't...