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The Spartan Walkway, with its memorial bricks, graces the entrance to our school.
Jun. 17, 2018 - - -  Business teacher Mr. Ralph Cooley at the East Longmeadow Historical Museum
Business teacher Mr. Ralph Cooley and classmate Tony Zampiceni, chairman of the E. L. Historical Commission, relax on the porch of the E. L. Historical Museum, 87 Maple St., on Jun. 16, 2018. Mr. Cooley taught at ELHS from 1964-2003, and likely holds the record for the longest serving teacher there. Photo by Gina Szynkaruk.
Jun. 15, 2018 - - - English teacher Mr. Bob Mazzariello to be 4th of July parade grand marshal
Mr. Bob Mazzariello, who taught English during our time at Birchland Park and at ELHS, has been selected as the grand marshal for this year's East Longmeadow 4th of July parade. Please click here for the article in The Reminder. In July, we'll add photos of him in the parade.
Mr. Mazzariello in 1969 and in 2016.
Mr. Mazzariello in 2014, prior to a book signing and art show of his paintings at the Norcross House on Maple St., East Longmeadow.
Jun. 3, 2018 - - - ELHS holds commencement exercises for 210 graduates
On Friday, June 1, ELHS held commencement exercises for 210 graduates. Please click here for the newspaper story and lots of photos. 
Caps fly into the air as seniors bid adieu to ELHS. Photo by Frederick J. Gore, The Republican.
This brings the total number of graduates to 11, 717 since our school opened, as seen in this graph. Although ELHS opened in the fall of 1960, there were no graduates in 1961, as seniors completed their education in Springfield schools, which they had attended since 10th grade. The first ELHS senior class was in the 1961-1962 school year.
Compared with when we graduated, the change in what boys may wear under their gowns is striking. When we graduated, boys had to wear a white shirt with tie, long pants, and dress shoes. Today, informal dress seems to be the norm! 
 May 28, 2018 - - - Mrs. Ruth White, mother of classmate Susan White Moon, passes away
We extend our sympathies to classmate Susan White Moon on the passing of her mother, Mrs. Ruth White, on Apr. 27, 2018. Susan was in our class from kindergarten through tenth grade. She then transferred to the MacDuffie School for Girls in Springfield, from which she graduated in 1970. Please click here for Mrs. White's obituary.
 May 28, 2018 - - - Mr. David Radebaugh, father of classmate David Radebaugh, passes away
We extend our sympathies to classmate David Radebaugh, whose father, Mr. David Radebaugh, we have just learned, passed away on Mar. 14, 2018. Please click here for Mr. Radebaugh's obituary.
Mr. Radebaugh
 May 21, 2018 - - - Mrs. Barbara Bourque, mother of classmate Jim Bourque, passes away
We extend our sympathy to classmate Jim Bourque on the passing of his mother, Mrs. Barbara Bourque, on May 19, 2018. Please click here for Mrs. Bourque's obituary.
Photos of Mrs. Bourque from her daughter, Debbie Bourque Fontaine's Facebook page.
Apr. 27, 2018 - - - Mary Boudrias Stifflemire, ELHS 1969, joins our site as a guest member
We're delighted to welcome Mary Boudrias Stifflemire, ELHS 1969, who we knew as Mary Boudrias, as a guest member of our site. To view her profile, click on the Classmate Profiles link to the left, then scroll down to the Guest Members section at the bottom and click on her name. Welcome, Mary!
Mary Boudrias Stifflemire in 1969 (senior portrait) and in 2016.
 Apr. 26, 2018 - - - Carolyn Ouellette Racicot, sister of classmate Peter Ouellette, passes away
We extend our sympathies to classmate Peter Ouellette on the passing of his sister, Carolyn Ouellette Racicot, ELHS 1968, on Apr. 21, 2018. Carolyn's husband, Edmund "Ed", also graduated from ELHS in 1968. Please click here for Carolyn's obituary. Click here for our ELHS Class of 1968 In Memory page.
Left: Carolyn and her husband, Ed in 2016. Right: A recent photo of the three Ouellette siblings: classmate Peter on the left; Donna Ouellette Zimmerman, ELHS 1974, center; and Carolyn, right.
Apr. 26, 2018 - - - In Memory pages for upper and lowerclassmen revamped
We've changed the former Upperclassmen and Lowerclassmen In Memory pages into separate pages for the classes of 1967, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1972, and 1973. Names are now arranged by year of passing. Please hover over the In Memory link to the left and select the class of interest. 
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