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Oct. 7, 2017 - - - New pages added to our site
We've added two new pages to our site, the Educators Hall of Fame, which honors nineteen inductees of the East Longmeadow Public Schools Educators Hall of Fame who served us during first through twelfth grades, and the ELHS Athletic Hall of Fame, which honors our classmates, the 1970 track team, and coaches from our time who have been inducted. You may also view these pages by hovering over the Halls of Fame link to the left and selecting the page of interest. 
Red rose Sep. 19, 2017 - - - Mrs. Gloria Babcock passes away
Mrs. Gloria Babcock, mother of classmate Sandra Babcock, who was in our class during eighth and ninth grades, passed away on Sep. 18, 2017. Please click here for her obituary. Sandra has not yet joined our site, but you may be able to reach her through an entry in the obituary's guest book.
Mrs. Babcock
Red rose Sep. 16, 2017 - - - Mrs. C. Mildred Colapietro passes away
Mrs. C. Mildred "Millie" Colapietro, mother of classmate Donna Colapietro Beaumier, passed away on Sep. 16, 2017. Please click here for her obituary.
Mrs. Colapietro
Larry Esposito (ELHS 1977), Walter Esposito (ELHS 1971), and classmates Roy Esposito and Jack Evans at the funeral service for Mrs. Colapietro on September 17. Larry, Walter, and Roy were relatives and Jack was a good friend.
Red rose Sep. 11, 2017 - - - Former classmate Dennis Lariviere passes away
Dennis Lariviere, who was in our class during eighth and ninth grades, passed away from the effects of esophageal cancer on Sep. 9, 2017. Following his time in our class, Dennis joined the class of 1971. Before graduating, he left school to join the U.S. Navy. For those who knew Dennis and the Lariviere family, his passing is even more poignant, as his three other brothers recently passed away: David in February 2014, Raymond in September 2015, and Gerald in April 2017. Please click here for our In Memory tribute to him.
Homeroom photo in Dennis' junior year (Class of 1971). Front row: Miss Sandra Johnson, Nancy Kulik, Dianna LaBonte, Nina Lodigiani, Therese Malone, Julie Kosmas, Debra Lawson, Deborah Laflamme. Row 2: Dennis LeDuc, Kenneth Langdon, Gary LaFave, Richard Kronenberg, Curtis Kim, Patricia Kulis, Suzanne Johnston. Row 3: Thomas Lamoureux, Amos Jette, Brian Lavertue, Michael Keane, Craig Johnson, Daniel Kennedy, William Legree. Row 4: Martin LeBlanc, Albert Keinath, John Keane, David Lariviere, Dennis Lariviere, Thomas Kurowski, Donald Jacobson. Not pictured: Daniel Lawson.
Dennis with his wife, Virginia.
Red rose Sep. 1, 2017 - - - Mrs. Ida Newell passes away
We have learned that Mrs. Ida Newell, mother of classmate Steve Newell, passed away on Mar. 13, 2017. Her memorial service will be held on September 13. Please click here for her obituary. 
Mrs. Newell
Aug. 19, 2017 - - - Recognition for our classmates, faculty, and staff who served in the military
On the Classmate Profiles and Former Classmates pages, you'll see the American flag next to the names of our classmates and guest members who served in the military. On the ELHS Faculty, ELHS Staff, and K-8th Grade Faculty & Staff In Memory pages, we've recently added the flag next to the names of faculty and staff personnel who served, many during World War II. We salute all our classmates, faculty, and staff personnel who served in the Armed Forces.
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