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The Spartan Walkway, built in 2011 as part of the ELHS 50th Birthday Party, graces the entrance to our school.
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Latest News
 Jul. 7, 2019 - - - Classmate Linda Redin (Blair) passes away
Our dear classmate Linda Redin Blair, in our class since first grade, passed away on Jul. 5, 2019. Please click here for Linda's obituary. Click here for our Life Tribute to Linda.
Linda's senior photo.
Linda with her sons Brett, left, and Shawn a few days before her passing.
 Jul. 7, 2019 - - - Birchland Park Jr. High School English teacher Mrs. Estelle Krause passes away
Mrs. Estelle Krause, who many of us had for English at Birchland Park Jr. High School, passed away on Jun. 30, 2019 at the age of 102. Please click here for her obituary and click here for our Life Tribute to her.
Mrs. Krause in 1977 and in 2016.
 Jul. 7, 2019 - - - ELHS 1972 grad Susan Hiller (Del Negro) passes away
Some may remember Judy Hiller (Del Negro), who graduated in 1972. She passed away on Jul. 4, 2019. Please click here for her obituary and click here for our Life Tribute to her. 


Judy in 1972 (senior portrait) and later in life.

 Jul. 3, 2019 - - - Classmate Vicky Haskell Gillison passes away
Our dear classmate Vicky Haskell Gillison passed away at home on Jun. 29, 2019. Please click here for her obituary and click here for our Life Tribute to her.
Vicky's senior photo.
Vicky later in life.
 Jun. 25, 2019 - - - Mr. Albert Circosta, father of classmate Susan Circosta Mancinone, passes away
We extend our sympathies to classmate Susan Circosta Mancinone on the passing of her father, Mr. Albert Circosta on Jun. 23, 2019. Please click here for Mr. Circosta's obituary.
Mr. Circosta
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