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This page features photos and memorabilia from our life outside of school as well as many pictures of the town of East Longmeadow. We hope these bring back pleasant memories!
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The Center in 1955 from Shaker Rd., before the current rotary was constructed. The First Methodist Church is in the background, with Rita's, Ann Dunbar, and ABC Bakery in the middle; and Pratt's Esso Servicecenter on the right. The green in the middle was in the the shape of a triangle. Angled parking was allowed in front of the town hall and parallel parking along the curb between Pleasant and Elm Streets.
Another view of the Center in 1955, prior to the current rotary. The Methodist Church, Esso station and Congregational Church are seen. On the right is a portion of the sign for Machleit's Pharmacy, later Buckley's Pharmacy. 
In this 1956 photo, Scott Moore (facing camera), Bruce Moore (back to camera), and other children enjoy a swim at the Center Pool, run as part of the East Longmeadow Recreation Department's summer program. In the background is the police and fire department building on Maple St. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore.
Larry Cooper's 1957 diploma from The Romper Room television program. Courtesy of Betty Cooper.
An aerial view of the Center in 1957. In 1956 and 1957, to better channelize traffic, the center green, previously triangularly shaped, was reduced in size and converted into a circle. To increase space for the rotary, the town took several parcels of land around the edges of the Center, some by eminent domain. Triangular islands were created to direct the flow of traffic one way, bearing right. Photo courtesy of Olaf Passburg, Jane Passburg's dad.
The Center in June 1957. The East Longmeadow Pharmacy and Nooney Hardware, owned by Ralph Nooney's grandparents, are in the background. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

From Maple St. in September 1957, looking across the Big Ben Townhouse parking lot to Shaker Rd. Nooney Hardware, East Longmeadow Pharmacy, and Lopardo's clothing store are seen in the background. Mr. Sanford Nooney opened Nooney Hardware in 1949. The pharmacy, operated by Mr. Edmund Maynard, moved into the building in 1951 and relocated to N. Main St. in 1963. The Congregational Church is seen at the top. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

On Mar. 20, 1958, during an arts and crafts show at Birchland Park School, five year old Larry Bradley gets a lift from his father, Mr. Frank Bradley, at an astronomy exhibit of the Springfield Stars Club. Gary Frederickson, left, club member, explains the exhibit to the space-conscious father and son. Photo and caption courtesy of the Springfield Union.

Garnett, Kenny, and Patty Hall, with their mother, Mrs. Ruth Hall (on the porch) at their home on 27 Dell St., East Longmeadow in 1958. Photo courtesy of Garnett Hall.

The B & B Market at 19 N. Main St., shown here in 1958, was a popular store in the center of East Longmeadow where many of us bought penny candy. It opened in 1953 and moved to 53 N. Main St. in 1963. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

The Center around 1958. Photo by Neil Doherty.

Donna Anderson's sixth birthday party in November 1958. Clockwise from front: Donna Anderson, Jarl Weyant, Leslie Bergeron, Clark Swanson, Janet Anderson (ELHS 1972), Sue Jasinski, Brian Falk. Photo courtesy of Donna Anderson. 


Steve Viger, Steve St. Marie, Jarl Weyant, and Bill Scheumann at Scott Moore's seventh birthday party in March 1959. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore. 

The Stop & Shop supermarket, across from Friendly Ice Cream on N. Main St., in 1959. The store opened in 1956. Later, the building was acquired by Kelly-Fradet Lumber Co. In this photo some plate glass windows have been smashed with rocks by vandals. 

Brownies in Project

EAST LONGMEADOW --- Girls in the Brownie Troop at Center School took Christmas trees they had decorated to Municipal Hospital during the week end. Decorations included stars, paper chains, angels and sprayed cones. The project was under the  direction of Mrs. William McCarthy and Mrs. Ellsworth Lutts. Participants were Janet McCarthy, Pamela Lutts, Julia Gorman, Pamela Sakakeey, Nancy Burritt, Nancy Birtwell, Susan Wolcott, Catherine  Maurer, Deborah Andwood, Deborah Saabye, Janet Gorrod, Deborah  Simons, Suzanne Johnson, Pat Pedersen, Patricia Donovan, Nancy Jenne, Donna Anderson, Patricia May, and Gail Taylor.
Text from Springfield Union article, Dec. 21, 1959. Courtesy of The Republican. 
The old East Longmeadow Public Library, attached to the Town Hall, where many of us spent time attending story hour on Saturdays, reading books, and researching term papers. Opened in 1957, it had four times the floor space of the previous library, a room in the Town Hall, which had been in place for over sixty years. The entrance was just to the left of the Town Hall. This picture taken from the Congregational Church, courtesy of the East Longmeadow Image Museum. 

East Longmeadow Public Library bookmark from 1962.

East Longmeadow Public  Library card. Photo courtesy of Meredith Weiner Mowen, ELHS 1977.

Nighttime photo between 1959-1962. Left to right: Springfield Five Cents Savings Bank, Nooney Hardware, East Longmeadow Pharmacy, Big Ben Town House, and The Center Department Store. The First Congregational Church steeple is lit up in the background. 

Nighttime photo of the East Longmeadow Recreation Association hockey rink at Center Field. From January 1959 through the spring of 1961, the rink was erected at the beginning of the skating season and then disassembled at the end. It was also open for public skating. In the background on Maple St. are the police station, Carlisle Hardware store, Center Department Store; and the Livery on Shaker Rd. 
Another nighttime photo of the ice skating rink at Center Field, taken between the winter of 1959 and the spring of 1961 from the police station on Maple St. In the background are the East Longmeadow Recreation Association building and the neon lights of Dave's Foodtown.
In 1962, the East Longmeadow Recreation Association and the Police Department teamed up to sponsor a marbles tournament in town. The boys in front are left to right, David Gallerani, third; Ronald Dickinson (classmate Henry Dickinson's brother), champion; and Jonas Robinson, second. In the rear, Mr. Frederick Schrade, a former national marbles champ, and Mr. David Gallerani and Mr. Warren Kenyon of the Police Department. Photo and text courtesy of the 1962 E. L. Town Report.
View from North Main St. near the Springfield line in the early 1960s. Note the price of gas on top of the pumps: 25 cents for regular, 29 cents for premium. Lee Mazzaferro's family owned the Blue Moon restaurant. 
East Longmeadow  Auto Service, owned by Arthur Philbin, on the corner of N. Main St. and Westwood Ave., in 1962. Gas was 28 cents a gallon. The station opened in 1958. 
Fourth of July dance on Shaker Rd. near the Center between 1959 and 1963. In the background are Meadow Cleaners, the Econ-o-wash Laundry, and Norwood's milk, dairy, and ice cream store. Milk was 72 cents a gallon, with laundry 25 cents for a wash and 10 cents for a dry. 
Article in Springfield Union, Aug. 3, 1962. Pupils from our class included Nancy Steitz, Nancy Birtwell, Bruce Moore, and Scott Moore.

Article in Springfield Union, Jan. 23, 1963. 

Article in Springfield Union, Feb. 23, 1963. 

EAST LONGMEADOW --- Warren Kenyon, coordinator of the local Marbles Tournament, has announced the teams for the preliminary playoffs to be held this morning in the Birchland Park School gymnasium.

The teams are 1, Ray Adams, George Walker, and Scott Roberts; 2, Brian Adams, Thomas Mineo, and Henry Dickinson; 3, Brian Smith, William Anderson and Carl Larson; 4, Ronald Wilson, RIchard Dion, and Daniel McCarthy; 5, Richard Kronenberg, Joseph DeAngelo, and James Brooks; 6, John Glassanos, Kevin O'Brien, and Peter Bendison.

Also, 7, Richard Cormier, Steven Smith, and Clark Benson; 8, Curtis Geoffrion, John DeAngelo, and Curtis Booth; 9, Todd Cormier, Richard Pesto, and Thomas Murray; 10, Michael Murray, John Grigley, and John Lasek; 11, Thomas O'Brien, Jonas Robinson, and Dennis Kronenberg; 12, William Wool and David Gallerani.

The semifinals for the tournament will be held March 30 and the finals April 6 in the Birchland Park gym. The winner of the local tournament will compete in the Springfield Union's Western Massachusetts Marble Tournament to be held May 18 and 19 at Forest Park. The local tournament is sponsored jointly by the East Longmeadow Recreation Association and the East Longmeadow Police Association. Kenyon is being assisted by Frederick Schrade and David Gallerani. The police association has donated trophies for the winners. (story continued below).

Text from Springfield Union article, Mar. 23, 1963. Courtesy of The Republican.
1963 marbles tournament winners with their mothers: Mrs. Albertina Gallerani and her son, David Gallerani, third place; Mrs. Grace Dickinson and her son, Ronald Dickinson (classmate Henry Dickinson's brother), first place; and Mrs. Stuart Robinson and her son, Jonas Robinson, first place. From article in Springfield Union, Apr. 6, 1963. 

An aerial photo of the Center and surrounding area taken on Apr. 29, 1963. This is a high resolution photo, so feel free to zoom in for greater detail.

On May 1, 1963 the new post office opened at 100 Shaker Rd., moving from its old location at 18 Shaker Rd. 

Another view of the post office on Jun. 1, 1963. 

1963 Fourth of July parade. Left to right, on old-time bicycles: Scott Moore, Mark Nooney (ELHS 1973), Ralph Nooney, and Bruce Moore. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore.
1963 Fourth of July parade. Mr. Sanford Nooney, Ralph's father, on his large old-time bicycle. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore.
Mr. Lewis Dunbar stands in front of his building on Shaker Rd. in 1963, which he developed with his wife, Ann. Left to right: Ann's Beauty Salon, Brooslin Shoes, Ann Dunbar Fashions, and The Hob Nob gift shop.

Photo with caption from the Sep. 4, 1963 Springfield Daily News: "NORTHAMPTON - This is a good idea for the the theme of a "mutual admiration society" as these two friends speak unspoken words to each other as the Three Country Fair went into its third day. Little Miss Patricia Donovan of East Longmeadow silently expressed her thanks to her Brown Swiss animal for behaving so nicely and winning her the senior grand champion blue ribbon during the 4-H judging contest. Patricia is 11, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Donovan of 12 Chestnut St. and will enter the sixth grade at Birchland Park."  


Kids at Camp Wilder, Parker St., Springfield MA in 1964. Front row: unknown, unknown, Chris Bartley. Row 2: all unknown. Row 3: unknown, unknown, unknown, Paul Anderson (Larry Cooper's next door neighbor, about 2 years older than us), unknown, unknown, Larry Cooper, Mr. Russ Snow (counselor). Photo courtesy of Betty Cooper, Larry's mom.  

Fire trucks in front of the combined police and fire station on Maple St., in September 1964. A dedication ceremony for the building was held on Mar. 15, 1953. 

North Main St. with the dry bridge in the distance in September 1964. In 1965, the road was widened and the dry bridge reconstructed. Left side: Kelly-Fradet Lumber Co. Right side: Friendly Ice Cream, Polar Whip drive-in restaurant, and Gulf Service station. Friendly's opened in June 1958. In our class ballot, we voted it our favorite rendezvous. 

Looking up N. Main St. in September 1964. Left side: City Line package store, Golden Hour restaurant. Right side: delicatessen, City Line Pharmacy, Eaton's service station, Blue Moon restaurant, Mobil service station. 

North Main St. just south of Mapleshade Ave. and Westwood Ave. on Oct. 24, 1964, during its reconstruction from the Center to the Springfield city line. Signs are seen for dentist Dr. James P. Brown and Siano's Barber Shop. Further down is the brick building where Fiore's Market was located. 
Another photo of N. Main St. being widened in October 1964. Signs are seen for the Tick-Tock jewelry shop, Fiore's Market, and the Texaco station at the corner of N. Main St. and Westwood Ave.

Boy Scouts from Troop 99, which met at the Methodist Church, and Troop 179, which met at the Congregational Church, march in the 1964 Veterans Day parade. Several of our classmates were in these troops. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore. 

A second photo of the Boy Scouts in the 1964 Veterans Day parade. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore.

Approaching the Center on N. Main St. in 1965, following the widening of N. Main St. in 1964. Popular Market on the right side. 

Looking up N. Main St. in 1965, following completion of the widening of N. Main St. The dry bridge is seen in the distance where the road rises, just past Harkness Ave. On the left is a portion of the Brockway-Smith-Haigh-Lovell plant, a major distributor of windows, doors, millwork, and moldings. On the right is a portion of the sign for the Jumbo Supermarket. 

Memorial Day ceremony, May 31, 1965 in the Center. To the right of the flag is The Village Smithy hardware store. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore.

A second photo of the 1965 Memorial Day ceremony. In the background are The Village Smithy hardware store, the Masonic Temple (later The Livery/Teen Center) and the building housing the Big Ben Town House and the Center Department Store. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore.

A combination of the above two photo yields this wonderful panoramic view.


Top: Diane LaFave, Ann Tesoro, and Pam Johnson at Diane's 13th birthday party. Bottom: Deb Hanson, Susan White?, and Nancy Holland at Diane's party. Photos courtesy of Diane LaFave. 

East Longmeadow Boy Scout Troops 99 and 179 at the Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation, Woronoco, MA in the summer of 1965. Left to right: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mr. Ken Rose (Troop 99 scoutmaster, back to camera), unknown, Malcolm Butler (ELHS 69), Richard Reis (ELHS 68), Marty Parks (ELHS 71), Dave Carpenter, Bruce Moore, Gary Serwatka (ELHS 71), Scott Moore, Koby Borodkin (with us through 9th grade), Jan Borodkin (face hidden), John Moore (ELHS 71), unknown. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore.

Troop 99 neckerchief. Photo courtesy of Larry Butler (ELHS 1967), a troop member.

Bluebird Acres Farm on Parker St. in the early 1960s. Photo courtesy of Kim Wiezbicki Trudeau, ELHS '74.

Bluebird Acres sometime between 1965 and 1975. Photo courtesy of Kim Wiezbicki Trudeau, ELHS '74.

Looking down Elm St. sometime in the mid-1960s. The old B & B Market next to the Mobil service station had been torn down by this time, but the new Valley Bank building had not yet been constructed. Gina Truitt McKinney lived in the two story house just down Elm St. from the Mobil station. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.  
Superintendent Mr. Clarence Danesha at the old dump on Kibbe Rd., just prior to its closing in 1966.

Many of our parents and some of us had accounts at one or more of the four banks in town.

Springfield Safe Deposit and Trust Company on Maple St. near the Center. The East Longmeadow branch opened in 1948 and was located in the portion of the building which later became the Big Ben Town House. It moved to this location in 1957, the approximate year of this photo. In November 1967 the building was remodeled and expanded (see photo below). In 1968 the bank became First Bank and Trust Co., and in 1969 Shawmut First Bank. Donna Anderson's mom worked here. 

Shawmut First Bank on Maple St. in 1975. Kathy and Bob Price's mom worked here.

A sketch of Springfield Five Cents Savings Bank by its architect, East Longmeadow resident Wallace Dibble. The bank, at the intersection of Pleasant St. and Somers Rd., opened in 1956.
Springfield Five Cents Savings Bank, likely in the 1960s.  

The Third National Bank of Hampden County, on Shaker Rd. next to Dave's Foodtown, opened on Jan. 8, 1968. Is exterior had panels of East Longmeadow smooth and rough-hewn brownstone from the McCormick Longmeadow Stone Co. quarry on Somers Rd. Photo courtesy of ELHS 1970 yearbook.

The Valley Bank and Trust Co. bank, seen in this fisheye lens view, opened on Jan. 10, 1968, just two days after The Third National Bank on Shaker Rd. opened. It was located on N. Main St., near the Center, on land previously occupied by the old B & B Market. Photo courtesy of ELHS 1969 yearbook.

Valley Bank under construction, featuring exterior panels made of brownstone from the McCormick Longmeadow Stone Co. quarry on Somers Rd. Photo courtesy of 1968 ELHS yearbook.
There were eight churches in town during our kindergarten through twelfth grade years. We present them in the order in which they were formed in town. 
First Baptist Church
The First Baptist Church at 89 Meadowbrook Rd. in 1967. The church was formed in 1818. Erection of this building began in 1833. The church relocated to Parker St. in 1970. 
First Baptist Church in 1969.

Reverend Reuben Martin officiates at a baptism ceremony inside the church on Meadowbrook Rd. in December 1963. 

The First Baptist Church at its current location, 50 Parker St.

Rev. Clark and Rev. Martin.
Pastors during our time were the Reverend Barton Clark (1956-1962); and the Reverend Reuben W. Martin (1962-1973), Ginger Martin's father. Please see our In Memory tributes for Reverend Clark and Reverend Martin.
Rev. Clark later in life.
First Congregational Church

First Congregational Church at 7 Somers Rd. around 1970. The original building, smaller than the one pictured here, was erected in 1828 and located further up Somers Rd. It was moved to its present location in 1859. Photo courtesy of Roy Longueil.

Altar inside the church. Photo courtesy of church archives.

1970 Senior Pilgrim Fellowship, First Congregational Church. Front row: Ken Whittemore, Janice Ouellette, David Hansen, Pat Teden, Donna Fiorentino, Carol Adams, Jim Mayher, Dave Taylor, Debbie Moodie. Row 2: Bob Ireland, Lynne Kinney, Andrea Burger, Dale Goddard, Ellen Hansen, Virginia Bailey, Kathy Finn. Row 3: Warren Gourley, Jack Kattler, Tom Ouellette, Glenn McCarthy. Photo courtesy of ELHS 1970 yearbook.
Rev. Teed, Rev. Steele, and Rev. Hansen.
Pastors during our time were the Reverend Kenneth R. Teed (1956-1964); the Reverend Clayton J. Steele (1964-1974); and the Reverend James R. Hansen (1961-1975). Please see our In Memory tributes for Reverend Teed and Reverend Steele. Reverend Hansen resides in Hanover, NH.
Reverend Hansen on his 91st birthday, Apr. 21, 2015, with his son David, ELHS 1971.

Methodist Church

Originally known as the Methodist Church or "the church at the seven roads;" then, in 1941 as the First Methodist Church; and from Apr. 23, 1968 until today as the United Methodist Church.

The Methodist Church, erected in 1853, is seen here around 1910, with a view down Elm St. Photo courtesy of Orin Hunn.


The United Methodist Church at 7 Center Square around 1969. A bell, chimes, and four clocks were added to the steeple in 1953, its centennial year. The building was razed in May 1969 during the church's relocation to Somers Rd. The clocks were saved and later mounted on an adjacent building, where they remain to this day. Photo courtesy of the East Longmeadow Town Report. 

Classmate Lynne Kinney poses for her senior portrait in front of the altar inside the church at the Center.

The United Methodist Church at its current location, 215 Somers Rd. The first service was on May 31, 1970. 

Rev. Crandall, Rev. Valentine, and Rev. Neufer.   

Pastors during our time were the Reverend Ralph C. Crandall (1943-1961); the Reverend William R. Valentine, Jr. (1961-1966); and the Reverend P. Dale Neufer (1966-1976). Please see our In Memory tributes for Reverend Crandall and Reverend Valentine. Reverend Neufer resides in Greenville, NC.  

Rev. Valentine later in life.

Rev. Neufer and his wife, Judy in 2010.

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church and rectory on Somers Rd. around 1905. The church was erected in 1887.

St.Michael's rectory and church at 49 and 47 Somers Rd. around 1914. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

St. Michael's Parish on Somers Rd., likely in the early 1900s. Photo courtesy of St. Michael's Parish.

St. Michael's Parish on Somers Rd. before Somers Rd. was paved.

Altar inside the church during a wedding in 1946. Photo courtesy of St. Michael's Parish.

Our Lady of Peace statue, to the left of the church, being crowned, around 1962. Photo courtesy of St. Michael's Parish.

St. Michael's Parish in February 1969, with Our Lady of Peace statue to the left. By this time, the steeple had been removed. The church relocated to Maple St. in 1970. On Feb. 24, 1972 this building was razed. According to Rev. Wolohan, the building was in too deteriorated a state to be sold or renovated.

Our Lady of Peace Italian marble statue, in front of the church on Somers Rd. The statue was erected in 1947 to commemorate the service of 172 servicemen and 11 women of St. Michael's Parish in World War II, and to memorialize four parish members who lost their lives in the endeavor, including George Roux and Robert Thibodeau of the Navy, and Fred Butler and Paul Noel of the Army. Photo courtesy of St. Michael's Parish.

St. Michael's Parish at its current location, 128 Maple St., with the Our Lady of Peace statue on the right. Portions of the exterior of the building are faced with red sandstone from East Longmeadow's Redstone Quarry. Photo courtesy of St. Michael's Parish.

Close-up of the Our Lady of Peace statue. Photo courtesy of St. Michael's Parish.

The altar inside the church on Maple St.

St. Michael's Parish Hall on Somers Rd. Ground for the hall was broken on Jul. 1, 1957. Sunday masses were celebrated here for the first time on Jan. 26, 1958. The hall accommodated approximately 750 people, compared to the 250 to 275 people of the nearby church. It made it possible for all people attending the masses to be seated, thus fulfilling one of the requirements of the new facility, the elimination of overcrowding.

1969 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine graduating class, St. Michael's Parish. Tom Sullivan and Tony Zampiceni were in this class. Almost all the others are from the ELHS class of 1969. Photo courtesy of Tom Sullivan. See names under close-ups below.

Front Row: Gary Lieberwirth, John Wrinkle, Mark Lacedonia, William Meehan, Robert Dunn, Gary Rugani, Thomas O'Brien, Tony Zampiceni. Row 2: John Haggerty, Howard Belliveau, unknown, unknown (partially hidden), Paul Brasile, Tom Sullivan, Arthur Illig. Row 3: unknown, unknown, unknown, Phyllis McDonald, Carol Crosier, Joan Nolan. Rows 4 and 5: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Patricia Filipek, Deidre Kelly, unknown, Michelle Meunier, unknown, Marcia Lynch, unknown, unknown, Sally Benoit, unknown, unknown.

Front row: Stephen Broderick, David Kennedy, Ed Marshall, Paul Lamarche, unknown, Tim Thompson. Row 2: Frank Mitchell (partially hidden), Ed LeBlanc, Kenny Roy, Tom Stewart, Peter David. Row 3: unknown, Sue Merrigan, Martha Fox, unknown, unknown. Rows 4 and 5: Carol Thomas, Dawn Driscoll, unknown, unknown, unknown, Marcia McCurry, unknown, Christine Boucher, unknown.

1970 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine graduating class, St. Michael's Parish, April 1970. See names under close-ups below. Photo courtesy of Rich Mondoux.

Front row: Arlene Breau, Pam Stenard, Ann Marie Hearn, Julie McCabe, unknown, Nancy Yacovone, unknown, Rev. John Wolohan. Row 2: Kurt Whitney, Steve St. Marie, Bob Bradley, Peter Garafalo, Roy Esposito, Peter Ouellette, Thomas McCabe. Row 3: John Illig, Tim Lynch, Debbie Andwood, Debbie Butler, Liz Lasek, Nancy Wrinkle, Nancy Holland, Nancy Cauley, Nancy Blaisdell.

Front row: Rev. Robert Coonan, Jane Viveiros, Linda Redin, Brenda Misitano, Cathy Maurer, Sue Regnier, Nancy Sroka, Gil Paquette?, Steve Viger. Row 2: Paul Lieberwirth, Stan Sroka, Bill Creighton, Dennis Plante, Jim Manferdini, Al Raimondi, Todd Cormier, Rick Oliveri, Mark Whitney. Row 3: Jayne Anderson, unknown, Kathy LaBerge, Suzanne Dreyer, Janice Breen, Andrea Hastings, Ellen Hopkins, Rich Mondoux, Wayne Scully.

Rev. Wolohan, Rev. Lucey, Rev. Crean, and Rev. Coonan.

Pastors during our time were the Reverend John R. Wolohan (1949-1979); the Reverend John P. Lucey (1956-1960); the Reverend John J. O'Donnell (1960-1962); the Reverend Hugh F. Crean, Jr. (1962-1969); and the Reverend Robert J. Coonan (1969-1981). Please see our In Memory tributes for Reverend Wolohan, Reverend Lucey, and Reverend Crean. Reverend Coonan serves as the pastor at Our Lady of Grace Parish in Hatfield, MA. Please contact us if you have information on the status/location of Reverend O'Donnell.


Left: Rev. Crean in 2012, his 50th year as a priest. Photo courtesy of Mark Murray of The Republican. Right: Rev. Coonan in 2015, his 50th year as a priest. Photo courtesy of Carol Lollis.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

An undated photo of St. Paul's Lutheran Church at 30 Somers Rd., near the Center. The congregation was established in 1890 by Swedish quarrymen and their wives, and named the Gustavus Adolphus Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church. Later, the name was changed to St. Paul's Lutheran Church. In 1961 the church relocated toElm St.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church at its current location, 181 Elm St.

Rear entry of the church on Elm St.  Photo courtesy of Robert Charles Photography.

Altar inside the church on Elm St. Photo courtesy of Sal Ficara.

Rev. Forsberg, Rev. Martinson, and Rev. Pearson.

Pastors during our time were the Reverend G. Theodore Forsberg (1950-1961); the Reverend LeRoy O. A. Martinson (1961-1965); and the Reverend Glenn A. Pearson (1965-1971). We believe Reverend Forsberg passed away in 1972, but we have no obituary for him. Please click here for our In Memory tribute to Reverend Martinson. Reverend Pearson resides in Omaha, NE. 

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church on Vineland Ave. in 1970. Begun as a mission church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Roman Catholic Church, Springfield, construction began in 1946 and the first Mass was celebrated on Jan. 12, 1947. In her book, "Faith of our Founders," the late Mrs. Merle Safford says in 1972, St. Joseph's became a mission church of St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, East Longmeadow, and in 1989 it closed when it was enjoined with St. Paul the Apostle Roman Catholic Church on Dwight Rd., Springfield.
First Communion around 1960. Front row: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Christine Gallerani (ELHS 1971). Row 2: Maria Siano, John Perella (ELHS 1971), unknown, Mark Simone, unknown, Joanne Rinaldi, unknown, the DeAngelo twins, Roberta Niznik (ELHS 1971). Row 3: Sister James Gertrude, Rev. Joseph Massaro, Sister Margaret Clement. Photo courtesy of Maria Nicolazzo.
Following First Communion around 1960. Deangelo twins on the ends, Joanne Rinaldi, Rev. Massaro, Maria Siano. Photo courtesy of Maria Nicolazzo.
Rev. Massaro, Rev. Mantia, Rev. Armour, and Rev. Zanini.
Pastors during our time were The Reverend Joseph P. Massaro, C.S.S. (1954-1961); The Reverend Joseph A. Mantia, C.P.S., (1961-1962); The Reverend Charles P. Armour, C.P.S. (1962-1964); The Reverend Angelo J. DaPrai, C.S.S. (1965-1967); and The Reverend Paul A. Zanini, C.S.S., D.D. (1967-1969). Please see our In Memory tributes for Reverend Massaro, Reverend DaPrai, Reverend Armour, and Reverend Zanini. Please contact us if you have information on the status/location of Reverend Mantia.
St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church
St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, 235 Dwight Rd., Springfield, MA. Although the church has a Springfield postal address, the church and land are all in East Longmeadow. The church was completed in 1963, with the first Mass celebrated on Sep. 8, 1963. From 1960 to 1963, prior to the church's completion, services were held in the Blue Moon Restaurant on N. Main St. Its 1500 members included former parishioners of St. Michael's Parish, East Longmeadow; Holy Name Parish, Springfield; and St. Mary's Parish, Longmeadow.
The pastor during our time was the Reverend Basil J. Rafferty, who served from 1960 to 1971. Please click here for our In Memory tribute to him.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Undated photo of St. Mark's Episcopal Church at 1 Porter Rd. The service of dedication and confirmation for this building was held on Mar. 19, 1965.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church as it looks today. The large tree in front has grown quite a bit.


Rev. Wright in 1962 and 1970.
The pastor during our time was the Reverend Allan M. Wright, who served from 1962-1970. Reverend Wright resides in Daytona Beach, FL.

1960 Phillies baseball team, champions in the Charles Turner 8-9 League. Front row players: Erwin Belorusky, Bruce Cohen, Francis Dlugos, Michael Allen, Bobby Goodrich, Paul LaMarche, Rich Mondoux. Row 2 players: Tom Crabtree, Bernie Sweeney, Mike DiMonaco, Jim Latourelle, Ken Roy, John Hamilton. Missing players: Howie Belliveau and Jonathan Hird. Back Row: Mr. Jim Perry (coach), Mr. Robert Latourelle (manager), Mr. Norm Mondoux (coach and Rich Mondoux's dad). Final standings of the 8-9 year teams: Phillies won 15, lost 1; Braves, 12 and 4; Cubs, 8 and 8; Cardinals, 6 and 9 (one game not played); Dodgers 5 and 11; Pirates, 1 and 14 (one game not played). Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

Opening day for Little League baseball on May 13, 1961 at the Center Little League diamond. Mr. Gerard Pellegrini, chairman of the Board of Selectman throws a ceremonial pitch to the batter, Mr. John Lundgren, chairman of the Board of Public Works. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

Opening day of baseball on May 20, 1961 of the Charles Turner 8-9 League at the Center Little League diamond, East Longmeadow. Mr. Marshall Hanson, a longtime umpire for the East Longmeadow Recreation Association, is at the microphone. Members of the Phillies baseball team on the right include some of our classmates. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

Another photo of opening day for the Charles Turner League on May 20, 1961 at the Center Little League Diamond for the Charles Turner 8-9 League. Several of our classmates, as well as our fathers, who served as coaches, are pictured here. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

Opening day of baseball on May 19, 1962 at the Center Little League diamond. The six Little League teams are seen here, with the 1961 champions, the Bruins, near the pitching mound. Many of our classmates and fathers are in this picture. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

1962 Braves baseball team, in the Charles Turner 8-9 League. Front row players: Mike Welch, Bill Brayley, John Danner, Bill Gowash, Steve Racicot, Don Smith. Row 2 players: Dennis Brasile, Donald Thomas, Joe D'Angelo, John D'Angelo, unknown. Row 3 players: Dave Gallerani, Tom Mineo, Scott Grabowski (eyes closed), Brian Falk. Row 4 coaches: Mr. Thomas Mineo, Mr. A. J. Danner, Mr. Richard Thomas, Mr. David Gallerani. Photo courtesy of Scott Grabowski.
A second photo of 1962 Braves baseball team, in the Charles Turner 8-9 League. Front row players: Bill Gowash, unknown, Mike Welch, John Danner, Bill Brayley, Don Thomas, Steve Racicot. Row 2 players: Scott Grabowski, Tom Mineo, Dennis Brasile, Dave Gallerani, Brian Falk. Row 3 coaches: Mr. David Gallerani, Mr. Thomas Mineo, Mr. A. J. Danner. Photo courtesy of Scott Grabowski.

1962 Comets softball team at Mapleshade School softball field. The Comets were one of four teams in the Junior Girls' Softball League, the others being the Dragons, Green Sox, and Jets. See names under close-ups below. Please email Scott Moore with any additions or corrections. Photo courtesy of Bill and Alice Maybury.

Names with year graduated. Seated: Cheryl Reed (Cathedral, 1969), Donna Tranghese (1970), Susan Circosta (1970), Marsha Coons (1970), Sue Seppanen (1968). Standing: Mrs. Alice Maybury (manager), unknown, Joyce Hannah (MacDuffie, 1968), Karen Maybury (1967), Carolyn Swanson (1967). 

Names with year graduated. Seated: Mary Lou Waterman (1969), unknown, Pat St. Peter (1969), Barbie Darby (1969), Mary Ellen Boyd (1969). Standing: Cyndi Maybury (1968), Paula Zuccalo (1968), Lori Pelligrini (Cathedral, 1967), Bonnie Paige (1968), Mr. Bill Maybury (coach), Patrice Lafferty (1969).

Opening Day ceremonies for the 1963 East Longmeadow Little League. See names under closeups below. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

Front, far right: Mr. John W. Dunlop (Chairman, Board of Public Works). Rear, far right: Members of the umpire staff - - - Mr. Harry Coles, unknown. Panthers, front row: Bob Lundgren, Bruce Moore, Bob Boulrice, Scott Coles, Kurt Whitney, Wayne Scully, Matty D'Amato. Panthers, back row: unknown, unknown, unknown (partially hidden), unknown, unknown (partially hidden), Jackie Blaisdell, Scott Moore.

Front, far left: Mr. Marshall Hanson, Little League president; Mr. Richard E. Hickey (Chairman, Board of Selectmen). Rear, far left: Members of the umpire staff - - - unknown, unknown. Orioles, front row: Andy Byrne, unknown, unknown, Gary Tarpinian, Leon Comstock, unknown. Orioles, back row: Erwin Belorusky (wearing glasses), Bob Barney, unknown, unknown, Doug Nilson, unknown.

1963 Little League Red Sox team members with year graduated. Front row: Tom Howell (1971), Dean Florian (1970, Minnechaug High School), Tim Lynch (1970), Paul Proulx (1972), Fred Scalise (1972), Ken Andwood (1971). Back row: Paul McNamara (1970), Larry Bradley (1970, Alan Robertson (1969), Dave Griffin (1969. Not pictured: Brad Cook (in our class thru 9th grade), Kevin Kenyon. Photo courtesy of Fred Scalise.


Springfield Union newspaper articles, Aug. 11, 1964, detailing the Girls Junior Softball League championship series. Mrs. Angela Gour, mentioned in the second article, is Marilyn Gour Kelly's mother. Courtesy of The Republican.


Springfield Union newspaper articles, Aug. 13 and 17, 1964, detailing the second and third game of the championship series, and the all-star team players. Courtesy of The Republican.

Opening day of Little League baseball in 1965 at the Center Little League diamond, East Longmeadow. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.

Panthers Little League baseball team in June 1965. Mr. Matthew D'Amato (coach), Keith Whitney, Mark Hammond, Scott Davis, Vinnie Villamaino, John Moore, unknown (in back with glasses), Michael Donohue, Matty D'Amato, Kurt Whitney, unknown, Doug Hanna, unknown, Bruce Moore, Felix Tranghese, Ralph Nooney. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore.

Springfield Union newspaper article, June 12, 1965. Courtesy of The Republican. 

1965 Little League All Stars, ages 10 - 12. Front Row: John DeAngelo, Mike O'Melia, Kurt Whitney, Frank Miorandi, Dave Carpenter, Joe DeAngelo, Bobby Manning, Tommy Thompson. Row 2: Mr. Floyd Whitney (coach), Tom Mineo, Felix Tranghese, Bruce Moore, Paul Lieberwirth (hidden), Mr. Clancy Valade (coach), Dave Gallerani, Doug Milroy, Billy Soares, Scott Grabowski, Mr. Frank Miorandi (coach). Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore. 
The Late 60s
Many memories come to mind from this 1968 aerial view of the center of East Longmeadow. Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.
Center Square:  East Longmeadow Town Hall, United Methodist Church, East Longmeadow Music Co., Esso service station, Village Smithy hardware store.
Somers Road: First Congregational Church, Springfield Five Cent Savings Bank, Dairy Mart.
Prospect Street: Vincent's Barber Shop, Grimaldi's Shoe Repair.
Shaker Road: East Longmeadow Recreation Association building with its round concrete swimming pool to the left, Cumberland Farms convenience store.
Maple Street: Big Ben Town House, Center Department Store, East Longmeadow Public Library, East Longmeadow Police Dept., East Longmeadow Fire Dept., First Bank and Trust Co.
North Main Street: Buckley's Pharmacy, Gulf and Mobil service stations, Valley Bank and Trust Co., Popular Market.

The Village Smithy hardware store in the Center (formerly Nooney Hardware). Mr. Robert Smith bought the store from Mr. Sanford Nooney in June 1962.

Another photo of The Village Smithy.

Parking lot in back of the Methodist Church in the 1960s. Seen here are the back of the Esso station, East Longmeadow Music, and Bishop & McCollum appliance store. On the other side of the fence is the brick parish house of the Methodist Church; and in the background, on N. Main St., are the Gulf and Mobil Service Stations, and Popular Market. 

Texaco service station at N. Main St. and Westwood Ave. in November 1966. The station was owned by Arthur Philbin. Gas was 34 cents a gallon.

The flags of 18 nations are displayed in the Center on United Nations Day, Oct. 24, 1967. 

Another shot of the flags in the Center green on United Nations Day, Oct. 24, 1967. The words "Stop, Look, Walk" were painted at every crosswalk. 

In November 1967, the library moved into its new quarters, the former Carlisle Hardware building, which was expanded and remodeled for library use. The former library was converted to office space for several town departments.

The First Methodist Church, at the corner of Center Square and Elm St., around 1967. Several classmates attended this church. On the left are church members Mr. Charles Spaulding and his wife, Barbara. Laura Moore (ELHS 1974), with back to camera, speaks with her mother, Mrs. Jean Moore, also the mother of classmates Bruce and Scott Moore. The Congregational Church is in the background. Photo courtesy of Robert Moore.  

Dave's Foodtown (later Dave's Food Basket) on Shaker Rd. The store opened in October 1959. Photo courtesy of the 1967 ELHS yearbook.


Larry Cooper's Eagle Scout medal, the Boy Scouts of America's highest award. 


Looking toward Maple St. in the late 1960s, Boston and Maine Railroad car No. 1202 is seen on the right at the Community Feed Store. In the distance, on the left, we believe the R. E. Phelon Co. is seen. The railroad served many East Longmeadow businesses, including the Brockway-Smith-Haigh-Lovell and Kelly-Fradet Lumber Companies on N. Main St.; Community Feed Stores on Maple St.; Package Machinery Co. on Chestnut St.; and Milton Bradley Co. on Shaker Rd. 

Vincent's Barber Shop on Prospect St. in 1968. The shop opened in 1949 across the street and later moved to Shaker Rd. Photo courtesy of 1968 ELHS yearbook.

Mr. Vincent "Vinnie" Graziano (front) and Mr. Charles "Chick" Pace of Vincent's Barber Shop in 1969. Vinnie owned the shop from 1949 until 1996. He passed away in 2010. Chick worked in the shop for 52 years, passing away in 2011. Photo courtesy of 1969 ELHS yearbook.

Mr. Joseph Siano and Ms. Vanda Bernatchez of Siano's Barber Shop on N. Main St. in 1968. Mr. Siano worked as a barber for 46 years until his retirement in 1975. He passed away in 1976. His daughter, Maria Siano Nicolazzo, is in our class. His son, Sebastiano ("Sam") graduated in 1971. Photo courtesy of 1968 ELHS yearbook.
The Cadette Girl Scouts of East Longmeadow visited the State House in Boston in April 1968, as part of their active citizenship challenge. At least two of our classmates, Pat Hendrick (with her parents and brother) and Jane Mertz are in this photo, along with Lynne Kinney's mom (see names under close-ups below). If you recognizine any of the "unknowns," please contact Scott Moore and he'll add the names. PHoto courtesy of East Longmeadow Massachusetts, 75 Years a Town: History of the Town of East Longmeadow, published in 1969. 


It's difficult to separate the rows, but here goes: Front row: Mr. William C. Hendrick (Pat's dad), Paul Hendrick (Pat's brother), unknown, unknown, unknown. Row 2: Susan Collins (with beret and glasses), Rebecca Mackintire (wearing glasses). Row 3: Patricia Monzillo, unknown. Row 4: Gail Bortle (wearing beret), Debbie Davis, Betsy Simms, Paula Wenning. Row 5: Bonnie McMahon (wearing glasses), unknown (head turned to the side), unknown (wearing glasses). Row 6: unknown adult, Dawn Merrill, Sandy Hutchinson. Row 7: Marsha Wood, unknown (wearing glasses), Laura Dalessio. Row 8: Pat Farrell, Jane Mertz (wearing glasses). 

It's difficult to separate the rows, but here goes: Front row: Rep. Vernon Farnsworth Jr., Lt Gov. Francis W. Sargent, Mrs. Jean Kinney (Lynne's mom). Row 2: Maryann Omelia (wearing glasses), Melissa Murphy, Mrs. Pauline Hendrick (Pat's mom). Row 3: Toni Panetta (long hair), Ruth Mackintire. Row 4: unknown (head turned sideways and hidden), unknown, Linda Breau (head turned sideways), unknown. Row 5: Regina Bean. Row 6: unknown (wearing glasses), unknown, Karen Brown. Row 7: Pat Hendrick, Mrs. Barbara Murphy. 

Order of the Rainbow for Girls, East Longmeadow Assembly No. 14, in 1968. The leaders of young ladies: Phyllis Vagts, Worthy Associate Advisor; Bonnie Paige, Charity; Susan Waterman, Faith; Cynthia Richard, Hope. Photo courtesy of 1968 ELHS yearbook.

Bluebird Acres on Parker St. in November 1968. 


Article from Springfield Union newspaper in 1969 with Pat Hendrick modeling one of the Girl Scout uniforms. 


East Longmeadow rotary from Maple St. in 1969. Photo courtesy of the Springfield Daily News. 

The Center on Apr. 10, 1969 from the town hall. In the background are the United Methodist Church, Bishop and McCollum appliance/tv/stereo store, East Longmeadow Music, and the Esso service station. 

Another view of the Center on Apr. 10, 1969. The flag is at half-mast for President Eisenhower, who passed away on Mar. 28, 1969. 

The Center on Apr. 10, 1969 from the First Congregational Church. Clockwise from left: Buckley's Pharmacy, Country House furniture/upholstery store, Gulf service station, Popular Market, Valley Bank, Mobil service station, United Methodist Church, Bishop and McCollum appliance/tv/stereo store, and East Longmeadow Music.  

The United Methodist Church steeple is being removed as part of the razing of the church in May 1969. The new United Methodist Church was under construction at 215 Somers Rd. The clocks were saved and mounted on an adjacent building, where they remain to this day. Photo courtesy of the East Longmeadow Town Report.

Looking into the rotary from N. Main St. in May 1969. The United Methodist Church, built in 1853, is being razed. Also seen here are the Mobil service station, First Congregational Church, and Gulf service station. 

Three fire trucks and the fire chief's car in front of the fire station on Maple St. in 1969.

Our beautiful town hall in 1969 or 1970. Made of East Longmeadow brownstone, it is covered with ivy, which was later removed due to the ivy eating into the mortar between the stones. In the foreground is the redstone medallion symbolizing the town's 75th anniversary (see  below). Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore.
Close-up of the medallion made of redstone from the McCormick Longmeadow Stone Co. quarry on Redstone Dr. A gift from the Chipouras family, owners of the quarry, the five-foot diameter stone was created for the town's 75th anniversary in 1969. Designed by East Longmeadow resident Douglas Beck, it was carved by quarry employees Christian Paine and Leo Giancola. Photo courtesy of Nancy Heath.

Order of the Rainbow for Girls, East Longmeadow Assembly No. 14, in 1969. The leaders of young ladies: Allison Lipp, Charity; Cynthia Richard, Worthy Advisor; Lynne Kinney, Faith; Janet Betterley, Hope. Not pictured: Susan Waterman, Worthy Associate Advisor. Photo courtesy of 1969 ELHS  yearbook.


Article from the Springfield Republican, in 1969 or 1970. 


The East Longmeadow Community Band performed in the summer of 1969 as part of a six-week fine arts program celebrating the town's 75th anniversary. This photo appeared in the Springfield Union newspaper, Aug. 11, 1969. Top row percussion players: Scott Moore, unknown, Peter Gosselin (ELHS 1973), David Gee (ELHS 1969), unknown. Trumpet players: unknown, Paul Krasnovsky (ELHS 1968), Ricky Stockwell (ELHS 1974), Paul Texiera (ELHS 1974). Trombone players: unknown adult man, unknown girl. Bottom row: unknown girl playing bassoon, unknown (hidden) playing clarinet, Bill Sharon (ELHS 1973) playing saxophone, Paul Kinney (ELHS 1972) playing saxophone. 

East Longmeadow fire fighters paint the back of the Livery/Teen Center building on Shaker Rd., near the Center, in June 1969. The rear of the Center Department Store is on the left. Originally a horse stable, the building was converted into the Masonic Temple in 1921. In 1965, with the pending move of the Masonic Temple to Chestnut St., the town bought the building. It was renamed The Livery in 1968, and served as a drop-in center for teens and senior citizens until it was demolished in 1974. Some of our classmates are seen inside in the photo below. 

1970 yearbook ad for the Livery/Teen Center on Shaker Road: "a place to be . . . to do your thing . . . to love . . . to live." Seen here from our class are Henry Dickinson, Doug Goodrich, and Bob Price. 

Order of the Rainbow for Girls, East Longmeadow Assembly No. 74, in 1970. The leaders of young ladies: Jenifer Beach, Hope; Deborah Coto, Charity; Lynne Kinney, Worthy Advisor; Chris Henault, Worthy Associate Advisor; Janet Betterley, Junior Past Worthy Advisor. Not pictured: Judith Thomas, Faith. Photo courtesy of 1970 ELHS yearbook.

Brownstone Chapter, Order of Demolay in 1970. Left to right: Stephen Viger, Master Councilor; David Hansen, Senior Councilor; Robert Russell, Junior Councilor. Photo courtesy of our yearbook.

Caption from our 1970 yearbook: "Service with a smile from Ann Tesoro at Dave's Food Basket plus Triple-S Blue Stamps."

The police and fire stations on Maple St. around 1970. 

Popular Market on N. Main St., near the Center, in 1971. The store opened in January 1957.


Article in Springfield Union newspaper, April 19, 1970. Courtesy of The Republican.

Article in Springfield Union newspaper, May 3, 1970. Courtesy of The Republican.

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