Educators Hall of Fame

The East Longmeadow Public Schools Educators Hall of Fame, which began in 2004, honors outstanding faculty, administrators, coaches, and support staff who have served in the East Longmeadow Public Schools system. Nineteen of the fifty inductees to date served us during first through twelfth grades. Here are their names with their year of induction and the role they played during our time:
Mr. Robert Camp, ELHS guidance counselor
Mrs. Jean Finnegan, Birchland Park Jr. High School math teacher
Mr. Richard Francis, Birchland Park Elementary School sixth grade teacher
Mr. Charles McKinney, ELHS English teacher
Mr. Frederick Lafayette, Birchland Park Elementary School sixth grade teacher
Mr. Robert Mazzariello, ELHS and Birchland Park Jr. High School English teacher
Mrs. Ann Lynch, ELHS librarian; Tim Lynch's mom
Mrs. Ruth Steele, Pleasant View School second grade teacher
Mrs. Margaret McGowan, ELHS secretary
Mr. Edward Modzelewski, ELHS physical education teacher and football coach
Mr. Robert Dobias, ELHS Director of Athletics and varsity football coach
Mrs. Estelle Krause, Birchland Park Jr. High School English teacher
Mr. James O'Hearn, Birchland Park Jr. High School English teacher
Mr. Angelo Correale, Assistant Principal, Birchland Park Elementary and Jr. High School
Mrs. Susan Goldie (Miss Susan Johnson during our time), ELHS science teacher
Mr. Walter Porowski, ELHS math teacher
Mrs. Diane McCormick (Miss Diane Tarrant during our time), ELHS math teacher
Mrs. Priscilla Nooney, cafeteria manager, paraprofessional; Ralph Nooney's mom
Mrs. Margaret Corliss, ELHS and Birchland Park Jr. High School vocal music teacher
If you're interested in nominating someone, please click here for the nomination form. So many great names come to mind! It's possible to nominate someone posthumously, as was the case with Mrs. Steele, Mr. Dobias, Mrs. Nooney, and Mrs. Corliss. Scott Moore submitted Mrs. Corliss' nomination package and will assist you if you need help. Mail the package to:
Educators Hall of Fame
Attn: Screening Committee
Superintendent's Office
180 Maple St.
East Longmeadow MA 01028