On this page, we honor the upperclassmen who were with us at ELHS who have passed away. Many were good friends and several are relatives. They played an important role in enriching our experience, often as fellow members in extracurricular activities.
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Legend: Name (married last name), year of passing.  Military Service (details in tribute)
Class of 1967
Albert Bailey IV 1968
  Passed away on Dec. 19, 1968 from injuries in an auto accident, which also claimed the life of David McIntire.
Michael Bradley 2008 (brother of classmate Bob Bradley)
Stephen Cormier 1998 (brother of classmate Todd Cormier)
  Stephen passed away on Sep. 22, 1998.
Timothy Dreyer 1996
  A 20-year retired Springfield policeman, Timothy passed away on Jul. 31, 1996.
Rosemary Edwards 1986 (sister of classmate Christopher Edwards)
  Rosemary passed away on Aug. 13, 1986 from injuries sustained in a fire.
Steven Kratovil 1998
  Steven, who resided in Springfield, MA, passed away on Oct. 17, 1998.
Raymond Lindsay  2008
  Raymond, who served in the U.S. Coast Guard during Vietnam, passed away on May 13, 2008.
Christine Lull (Balboni) 2011 (sister of classmate George Lull)
John Manferdini  1969 (first cousin of classmate Jim Manferdini)
  John passed away in Vietnam on Jul. 3, 1969 while serving as a military policeman in the U.S. Army.
David McIntire 1968
  Passed away on Dec. 19, 1968 from injuries in an auto accident, which also claimed the life of Albert Bailey IV.
John Rosati 2002
  A pressman at the Highland Press in Athol, MA, John passed away in Springfield, MA on Jan. 3, 2002.
Judith Ryan 1971 (sister of classmate Patricia Ryan Normand)
Carolyn Swanson 2012 (sister of classmate Clark Swanson)
Class of 1968
John Aitcheson  2002
  A former U.S. Air Force veteran, John passed away in Madison, SD on Jan. 26, 2002.
Nora Brayley (Black) 1991
  Nora, who resided in Rockport, MA passed away on May 16, 1991. 
Richard Descheneaux  1984 (sister of classmate Denise Descheneaux Frates)
  A former U.S. Air Force veteran, Richard passed away on May 5, 1984.
Kenneth Goodrich  2010 (brother of classmate Doug Goodrich)
Lauretta Henderson-Clarke 1993
  A 10-year financial assistant and social worker, Lauretta passed away in Leominister, MA on Jan. 15, 1993.
Dennis Page 2009 (brother of classmate Cindy Page Siegler)
John Parks 1972
  John passed away on Nov. 4, 1972 from injuries in an auto accident in Dallas Plantation, ME.
Victor Petrone 1996
  Victor passed away in Framingham, MA on Feb. 12, 1996 after a long illness.
Jean White (Coombs) 2003 (sister of classmate Susan White)
Class of 1969
Michael Biggin 2003
  In the class through his sophomore year, Michael passed away on Jun. 8, 2003.
Kathleen Cormier 2001 (brother of classmate Todd Cormier)
Peter David 2004 (husband of classmate Kris D'Angelo David)
Lorna Henderson-Holmes 2002
  A resident of Montgomery, AL for 32 years, Lorna passed away on Jan. 12, 2002.
Amelia Ingram (Johnson) 1995
  A sales worker for Sears Roebuck Co., Amelia passed away on Oct. 8, 1995 after a long illness.
Wayne Kinney 2014 (brother of classmate Lynne Kinney Miner)
Jeri Mercier (Walker) 1993
  A special-education teacher in the Springfield schools, Jeri passed away on Sep. 16, 1993.
Dianne Simpson (Harding) 1998
  Dianne, who resided in Londonderry, NH, passed away on Oct. 10, 1998.
Wayne Vogel 2017
  Wayne, who resided in Fort Myers, FL,  passed away peacefully on Nov. 10, 2017.