On this page, we honor the lowerclassmen who were with us at ELHS who have passed away. Many were good friends and several are relatives. They played an important role in enriching our experience, often as fellow members in extracurricular activities.
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Legend: Name (married last name), year of passing.  Military Service (details in tribute) 
Class of 1971
John Keane 2017 (in our class from 1st through 5th grades)
David Lariviere  2014 (in our class in 7th grade)
Brian Lavertue 2012 (brother of classmate Nancy Lavertue Hurst)
Bruce McClure 1997 (in our class from 1st through 3rd grades)
John Moore 1978 (brother of classmates Bruce and Scott Moore)
Janice Ouellette (Cacciapuoti) 2011 (brother of classmate Tom Ouellette)
Gary Serwatka  1982 (in our class from 1st through 3rd grades)
William Stark 2001 (in our class from 7th through 10th grades)
Donald Turnberg 1993 (brother of classmate Dave Turnberg)
Class of 1972
John DeVall 1992
  John passed away on Jul. 29, 1992. He was living in Hyattsville, MD.
Daniel Goguen 1979 (brother of classmate Eddie Goguen)
  In the class through his freshman year before moving to Canada, Daniel passed away in an auto accident in New Brunswick, Canada on Mar. 10, 1979.
Gary Halon 1971
  Gary passed away in an auto accident in Somers, CT on May 8, 1971, prior to graduation.
Susan Langevin (Brassard) 1997
  Susan passed away in a local nursing home on Jun. 19, 1997.
Lee Moffett 1993
  An architectural model maker, Lee passed away in New York City on Aug. 17, 1993 after a long illness.
Richard Nimmo 1991
  Richard passed away on Jan. 8, 1991
Stephen Pixley 1995
  A self-employed computer programmer-trainer, Stephen passed away in Palm Springs, CA on Jan. 10, 1995.
Michael Shubert 1999
  A mechanical supervisor for Solutia (formerly Monsanto Corp.) for 21 years, he passed away on Jul. 17, 1999.
Donald Thomas 1971
  Donald passed away in an auto accident in Somers, CT on May 8, 1971, during his junior year.
Linda Thurner 1972
  Linda passed away in an auto accident in Somers, CT on Oct. 1, 1972.
Richard Torrey  2007
  A veteran of the Vietnam War and retired tractor trailer driver, Richard passed away on Aug. 8, 2007.
Steven Wescott 2014 (in our class during 1st and 2nd grades)
Class of 1973
Barbara Boucher 2001
  Barbara passed away in Springfield, MA on Jul. 8, 2001.
James Branchini 1996
  A tile setter for Bachland Tile Co., Amherst, MA for 15 years, he passed away in Springfield on Apr. 1, 1996.
Michael Busekist 1994
  A consolidator at Lechmere's Dept. Store in Springfield, MA, Michael passed away on Jan. 20, 1994.
Jean Phillips (Ferrence-Burack) 1999
  Past president of Mountain View School PTO, Jean passed away on May 2, 1999.
William Reis 2009 (brother of classmate Bob Reis)
Cynthia Wade 1975
  Cynthia passed away on Nov. 30, 1975 from injuries in an auto accident in Ontario, Canada.